Ten Easiest ways to make Facebook Avatar


If you still haven’t made your avatar on Facebook? Then you’re missing a lot of fun. The time has been going away when we share our feelings and emotions through general Facebook emojis like Happy, sad and angry, etc.
Now Facebook comes out its latest features of Avatar. Facebook launched its avatar features last year but now approximately available to all users.

Like Snapchat Bitmoji, The Facebook Avatar feature will allow users to make a cartoon avatar of themselves. Also, Facebook will create multiple expressing gif avatar for your profile to use in the comment box on all Facebook platforms. So, you will be able to use your avatar in messenger and Facebook stories.

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As per Facebook App Head Fidiji Simo, you have multiple reactions of the avatar to engage your friends across the app. Initially, it’s an attractive energizing. For creating an avatar, you won’t need to choose your gender, you just have to select and customize your skin color, face, your hairstyle, nose, and multiple other interesting things.

How to Create Facebook Avatar?

Open the Facebook app & tap three stacked lines

By Opening the Facebook app you just tapped three stacked lines to reach the avatar menu. It may be in the upper right corner on the Android version and maybe in the lower right corner on iOS phones.Ten-Easiest-ways-to-make-Facebook-Avatar-top

Scroll Down and tap the See More

You have to scroll down and tap the See More optionTen Easiest ways to make Facebook Avatar (1)

Avatar feature here

You will find the Avatar feature here and Tap it.Facebook Avatar How to Create

Get Started to Create Avatar

To get started, Tap the Next Button.Ten Easiest ways to make Facebook Avatar (9)

Select Skin Tone

Here you will see the many skin tone, select your skin tone, and tap the Next Button.Ten Easiest ways to make Facebook Avatar (8)

Select Your Hairstyle

After selecting Skin Tone, now you will be instructed to choose your hairstyle. Here you can change your Hairstyle in Long, Medium, and short

Select Face line and Complexions.

After the Hairstyle, you will be a move to choose the face-shape like face line and complexions.

Eye shape, eye color, and glasses

When you fully customize the face structure. You will have to customize Eye shape, eye color, and also add eyebrows. Further, you can add glasses to the avatar.Ten Easiest ways to make Facebook Avatar (7)

Multiple Shapes of your Nose and Mouth.

Here you can choose the multiple shapes of your nose and mouth. Select your similar mouth shape and also add makeup.

Body Shape and Outfit

Here you can choose your body shape. Then next select your outfit which you suit best. You can also choose a scarf, hat, and multiple things of your avatar outfit.
Ten Easiest ways to make Facebook Avatar (6)

Complete Your Avatar

Now it’s time to finish and complete your avatar. Tap the next button and then tap Done. You Just Finished it.Ten Easiest ways to make Facebook Avatar (5)

After creating your avatar, you can share it on your Facebook feed and also use it in the profile image. In addition, If you want to use your avatar in your and friends’ comment feeds, you just tap the smiley face and then gif and finally tap the avatar icon.

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