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Facebook Campus App for Students of College and Universities


This week, Facebook launched another social networking named “Facebook Campus”. It is specially designed for the students to help each other and to connect with classmates within their university. Facebook Campus App makes it easy for students to find their fellows within the college or university and start the conversation and shared interests. 

The students are facing many new challenges in remote learning so it was the need of time. Therefore, the new platform will offer college students to connect with classmates, discover the college events, join the college or university groups, and start a conversation with their college mate or other university students.

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Facebook Campus App designed for Students

The new Facebook Campus app designed for students only, you will have to required a college email address ( to use the Facebook Campus app. In other words, Facebook is going to organize the student’s community on one platform.

Oh No! It’s not for me! 😓

Initially, Facebook launched as a college-only website. Similarly, now Facebook moving return to its root with a new Facebook Campus platform.

Facebook Campus product Manger told;

We wanted to introduce a special product which makes it easy for college fellows to make a relationship. Meet each other and start a conversation.

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Facebook Campus App for Students of College and Universities

As a broader discussion, Facebook was working to address its “teen problem”. Therefore, a new app is a solution to this problem. From multiple reports and surveys, Facebook is losing the large market share of younger people ages 13 to 19. The youth shifting their attention to other social media apps Like Snapchat and Youtube. Therefore, The new Facebook Campus hoping to bring back its market share to provide exclusive private social media forums.

Currently, the Facebook offering the Facebook campus app to around 30 universities in the USA. However, it will be expanding to other universities and countries over time.

Facebook Campus App for Students of College and Universities

In addition, Facebook will advertise the new app within its existing app and also other offline marketing forums. Similarly, Students are highly encouraged to join the Campus app within their Facebook feed if Facebook has enough information about the user that he or she is a college student.

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