Kohsar Festival 2022: Himalayan Chef Promotes Tourism and Sports Culture in Murree


Kohsar Festival 2022: Himalayan Chef Promotes Tourism and Sports Culture in Murree

June 2022: Kohsar Festival starting on Monday (13th June) will help to promote sports culture In Murree.

Punjab Sports and Youth Affairs Department has announced a 3-day Kohsar festival in collaboration with the Government of Punjab. The festival will be held on Mall road Murree from June 13, 2022, to June 15, 2022. During the event, eight different sports will be conducted, which include Table Tennis, Cycling, min-marathon, Volley Ball, Football, Tug of War, Para archery, and Skating. The festival is sponsored by online shopping in Pakistan, which is an international brand, based in the USA, offering 1000+ products, and has many different sub-brands. This festival will help to promote sports in this region, and the residents and tourists will enjoy these games.

“This is the first time such a sporting event has been held. We wish to bring back fond memories and a passion for our sports.”

Said one of the residents

Event Organization:

The SBP (Sports Board Punjab) will give the greatest facilities to all participating teams and officials. In this regard, sports director Nadeem Qaiser has contacted Murree to check all plans. This huge event will include players from all around Punjab as well as local sportsmen. During all activities, the public is expected to participate in large numbers.

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“As part of our campaign to develop sports culture at the regional level, we organized the first Mir Chakar Azam Rind Games in South Punjab and the Jhang Kabaddi Festival in Central Punjab, and we will continue to do so in the future. At the regional games, exceptional athletes can demonstrate their athletic abilities in their home region.”  Punjab’s Director General of Sports

Media Coverage:

The whole festival will be covered by the media, and all the news channels, such as Geo News, Dunya News, ARY, Neo News, and City 42, will cover all the games and ceremonies.

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Event Highlights: Games & Ceremonies

The event will start on 12th June 2022, with Sufi Night, which will take place in Amphy Theater Bansra Gali, at 8 pm. Many famous singers and Tiktokers will join us this night. The night will be celebrated with pure devotion inspired by the Sufi Poets, Rumi, Khusro, and Bulleh Shah, which will be sung by the Famous Sufi singers.

The first game will start on 13th June, which will be Table Tennis. The game will start at 10:00 am in GGHS Rawat, and will continue till 15th June. Table tennis is a ball game played on a flat table separated into two equal courts by a net fastened across the table’s width in the middle.

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 On the following day, at 9:00 pm, The Grand Opening Ceremony will be held; many famous personalities, singers, Tiktokers, Governor of Punjab, and Commissioner of Rawalpindi will join this ceremony.  

On the 14th of June, the Mini-Marathon and Cycling will start from Lower Topa to Bhurban cricket ground at 9:30 am. A mini-marathon is a long-distance road race that is less than a marathon in length.

Himalayan Chef Kohsar Festival 2022

Then on the following day, Tug of War will start at Bhurban Cricket Ground at 1:00 pm. Tug-of-war is an athletic competition in which two teams compete at opposite ends of a rope to drag the other over a center line. After this, The Volleyball match will be conducted at the same venue; at 4:00 pm. Volleyball is a sport in which two teams of six players use their hands to hit a ball back and forth over a high net, attempting to get the ball to touch the court within the opponents’ playing area before it can be returned.

The Football match will start at 3:00 pm at the Ghryal Football Ground.

On the last day, the closing ceremony will start at 5:00 pm, and after that Para archery and Skating will take place, at Bhurban Cricket stadium. This festival will help to promote the skills and sportsmen ship of the players, and will also help to attract tourists from all around the world, at such festivals. A large number of tourists are expected to join this event. Keeping in mind, that all the necessary security precautions have been implemented.

Promotion of Tourism Culture Through Kohsar Festival 2022 Himalayan Chef:

The tragic incident that happened in Murree a few months ago affected the tourism culture in this region. These types of events or festivals will benefit to promote the tourism culture in the Murree. The tourist will be able to know the Pakistani Culture and sports. More such events or festivals should be arranged in these regions; it will benefit both the economy and will help to promote our culture in different parts of the world.

“Sports Festivals like these will help to fill the gaps between different cultures and these types of events should happen often, it will attract the tourists, and will increase the importance of sports in our country.”

Pick and Drop Facility to the Festival

For the ease of the viewers, precipitants, and tourists bus service will be provided from Islamabad to Murree. All of the residents can also avail of this facility. The bus service will help you to reach the festival venue without any hassle.


Where you can find the Sponsors:

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