Polly Juice Sindhi Song – Sindhi Culture Day 2020 Songs

Polly Juice Sindhi Song - Sindhi Culture Day 2020 Songs

Every province of Pakistan has its own unique cultural identity and all Pakistanis are proud of this identity. Pakistan celebrates all its cultural identities with great enthusiasm every year, of which Sindh Cultural Day is very important. On the occasion of this Sindhi Culture Day 2020, the Pakistan Juices and multi-products group Popular Group has released a song Popular Polly Juice Sindhi Songs titled “Pehanjo Polly Phenjo Sindh”.

In Pakistan, it is rare for a brand to highlight the regional culture in the same way that a popular group has done with its campaign.

Polly Juice is a brand of Popular Group and it is very popular in Sindh due to which Popular Group has expressed its love for Sindhi culture and Sindh by producing this song so beautifully.

Sindhi Culture Day 2020 Songs

Last week Ali Zafar also release a beautiful song in the Sindhi language with beautiful Sindhi cultural visuals and rapping.


It would not be wrong to say that like Polly Juice, its slogan ‘Sip of Life’ has given Pakistanis and the people of Sindh a ‘Sip of Sindhi Culture’ as a gift.

DOWNLOAD Polly Juice Sindhi Song

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Pehanjo Polly Phenjo Sindh Song REVIEWS

Hina Mahar a Twitter user expresses his love with beautiful songs in these words..”Polly juice’s song for the Sindhi Cultural day is such a treat for the ears. Beyond exquisite”

Sarah Naqvi writes that after a long time to watch such beautiful and refreshing songs that highlight Sindhi culture beautifully.



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