PUBG Team Gun Event – Special Prizes and Points


PUBG Mobile is launching a new exciting battle event this week. This event will be situated on a new map in the arena tab called the ‘Library’. This new map will host the event and create new structural elements in stores. The new event named “PUBG Team Gun Event“.

PUBG Team Gun Event - Special Prizes and Points

The new arena map mode is square shapes in 4×4 sized including three attacking routes. This indoor map of two squads is important. If we talk about strategic positions including doorways and behind the location and delivering headshots that too with small and weaker weapons then this is the core of the gameplay. When the players kill the enemies their weapons will be changing which is a testament of player’s skills and weapons mastery.

PUBG Team Gun Event Joining Criteria

PUBG Team Gun Event - Special Prizes and Points

The winning team will have to secure eighteen kills. The Team Gun event game starts with SMG’s like UMP45, Thompson, and UZI also changing weapons as the players move head with more kills. Selecting weapons by their own choice is very important but this event does not provide options to the player to select their choice of weapons. There are pistols, crossbow and sniper rifles and to the showdown with a pan.

Players and their squad will keep in mind a few tips and the event also will provide the same environment of the battleground.

The player can practice their kill skills in the Library arena mode until the new event starts. In this practice session players also use all weapons for a few minutes in a classic match. The Libray mode is quick and very smart.

Be Cautious while entering!

The player does not have the option to select a variety of weapons but has the option to see the core positions, secret walkways, and behind bookracks. You make sure that your squad will be connected especially when you enter any area which are guarding your opponents so be cautious.

PUBG Team Gun Event - Special Prizes and Points

Make a backup squad cover you as well as at the time of the counter-attack. Staying in the cover is the winning key.

Make a strategy of being safe your opponents do not have the opportunity to kill you. Do not give points to your opponents by being killed. The event also has special prizes and points so be ready and wait.

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