Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua into Dua e Reem by Shoaib Mansoor featured Mahira Khan

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua into Dua e Reem by Shoaib Mansoor featured Mahira Khan

Eight March is not an ordinary day that has been celebrated all over the world to pay tribute to the most important person in the world which is women. Everyone in the world trying to show support, love, and respect in their way and style. Many of us trying to make something special to show the true picture of society and culture which should have been removed or changed. If these thing things are not changeable then should be altered or modifying in new cultural requirement. Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua into Dua e Reem by Shoaib Mansoor featured Mahira Khan

When we talk about cultural rituals, local customs then people proudly saying this is our, this is our culture. Okay your culture your proud but right things always accepted in every manner but when wrong things are practiced for long times then it should be stopped by every sense.

This 2020 International Women’s Day, Shoaib Mansoor releases its masterpiece by collaboration Reem Rice by featuring Mahira Khan in most famous Allama Iqbal Poem “Lab Pe Aaati Hai Dua Ban Kay Tamana Meri (My desires come to my lips like prayer)” in its bride version. Beautiful cinematography and artwork in its direction Shoaib Mansoor trying to convince people that lofe of every girl will never be the same as her mother lived.

Now come to video content which has been showing the professional group women singers make their spin to Allama Iqbal poem to bride poem which has been named by Shoaib Mansoor Dua-e-Reem. In whole video content the Shoaib Mansoor by Mahira khan trying to express and convince that relationship bases on both people, not just only girls. Yor not more accepting that girl in every time will be trying to save her marriage life if she is not happy with his husband she may kick you too.

Lab Pe Aati Hai Dua into Dua e Reem by Shoaib Mansoor featured Mahira Khan

Let’s start to see the beautiful moments of this package.


When Mahira Khan stops the singers to sing the real dua or new version Dua e Reem.



see the social media reaction after watching this.

Some fans are very disappointed to destroying Iqbal Work for sponsored ad.

No doubt the cycle of life or cycle relationship always depending on both gender. We can make it strong by helping each other by supporting each other by respecting each other.

Now watch yourself to enjoy the masterpiece of Shoaib Mansoor

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