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SIMS CNIC Pakistan. Now You can check a number of sims including Jazz, Ufone, Zong, and Telenor registered against your National ID card. fill up the below-mentioned form without dashes (e.g: 4220154879525).


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📱 SIM Information System – 668: Your Simple Guide

Mobile phones are an essential part of our lives, and making sure our SIM cards are secure is important. In Pakistan, the SIM Information System, known as “668,” helps with this. This guide will explain what 668 is, how to use it, and why it’s important.

What is the SIM Information System – 668?

The SIM Information System, or “668,” is a database created by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). It’s used to manage and verify mobile phone SIM cards in Pakistan. This system enhances the security and control of mobile services.

How to Use 668?

Using 668 is easy. You can check your SIM card details on the official website:

🌐 Website:

Once you’re on the website, you can verify your SIM card and its ownership to ensure it’s being used legally.

What 668 Does

668 provides important services for mobile operators and users, such as:

📋 SIM Verification

You can check if a SIM card is registered in your name by providing your Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number. This helps prevent unauthorized SIMs in your name.

📱 SIM Ownership Details

If you’re worried about the owner of a SIM card, 668 can give you ownership information. This is crucial for preventing SIM card fraud.

📵 Blocking Lost or Stolen SIMs

If you lose your phone or your SIM card is stolen, report it to your mobile service provider. They can use 668 to block the lost or stolen SIM card to stop unauthorized use.

Mobile Service Operators and Contacts

Knowing the main mobile service operators in Pakistan and their contact details is helpful when using 668. Here are some of them:


  • Code: 111
  • Contact: 111300300


  • Code: 345
  • Contact: 111345100


  • Code: 333
  • Contact: 111333100


  • Code: 310
  • Contact: 111222111


  • Code: 321
  • Contact: 111111321

Knowing these codes and contacts makes using 668 easier.

Why 668 Matters

The SIM Information System, 668, is crucial for:

  1. Security: It prevents fraud and unauthorized use of mobile services by verifying SIM card authenticity.
  2. Regulation: It helps follow government policies and rules for SIM card use.
  3. Consumer Protection: It gives consumers control over their mobile accounts to prevent misuse.
  4. Anti-terrorism: It helps monitor and prevent illegal SIM card use for national security.
  5. Lost or Stolen SIMs: It blocks lost or stolen SIM cards to prevent misuse.


The SIM Information System, 668, is a vital part of Pakistan’s telecom system. It verifies SIM cards, provides ownership info, and enhances security. By using 668, individuals and mobile operators ensure legal and secure mobile services, making mobile communication safer and more regulated in the country

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