Top 3G/4G Subscribers of Pakistan

Top 3G4G Subscribers of Pakistan Jazz vs Zong- GharanaPK

As Pakistani companies expanding the areas of their coverage the number of users of 3G and 4G have been increasing rapidly. Each company is trying to catch their market share by introducing low cost and free packages. A big acquisition have been seen in Pakistan when Mobilink purchase the Warid and become the largest number of Market share in Pakistan. Here we have been discussing the 3G and 4g User in Pakistan till Feb 2017.


Do You Know?

Pakistan has Total 137.79 Million  Cellular Users As per PTA Statistics 2017.

*as of Feb,2017

Top 3G 4G Subscribers of Pakistan Jazz is the largest number of user Network of Pakistan and also after merging warid users it also more addition of users in its network. Jazz (Mobilink) have total 51,876,119 cellular users and have 3G 12,043,061 users, 4G 735,068 users. It includes both network Warid and Mobilink Under the umbrella of Jazz.

Zong have total 27,706,481 cellular users 3G  7,602,691 users and 4G 3,111,307 users, Telenor have total 39,752,541 cellular users and 3G 10,371,697 users, 4g 228,106 users and the last but not least Ufone have total cellular 18,456,580 users and 3G 4,870,513 but not have yet 4g service.


Do You Know?

Pakistan has Total 38,962,443  38.9 Million 3G / 4G Users As per PTA Statistics Data.

*as of Feb,2017

Top 3G 4G Subscribers of Pakistan

Top 3G Company in Pakistan

In 3G race Jazz secured 1st position in Pakistan and also it is largest number of user network of Pakistan then Telenor, Zong and last position have Ufone.


1stPMCL (Jazz)12,043,061
3rdCMPak (Zong)7,602,691
4thPTML (Ufone)4,870,513

*Warid merged in PMCL with new name Jazz

Fact to Know:

Do you know? Jazz have largest number of users in Pakistan but have 2nd largest 4G service provider.

Top 4G Company in Pakistan

In 4G race Zong beat the Jazz and  secured 1st position in Pakistan then in Second Position is Jazz, and third one Telenor  and last position have Ufone.

1stCMPak (Zong)3,111,307
2ndPMCL (Jazz)735,068
4thPTML (Ufone)-

*Warid merged in PMCL with new name Jazz

*Ufone currently don’t have 4G license/service yet

*these calculation have been prepared by the PTA website but also is there any wrong calculation have posted then it will be human error and also welcome to correct it.

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