Baari 2 Song by Bilal Saeed Released “Uchiyan Diwaran” ft. Momina Mustehsan

Baari 2 Song by Bilal Saeed Released "Uchiyan Diwaran" ft. Momina Mustehsan

One Two Records on YouTube released Baari 2 Song by Bilal Saeed as Uchiyan Diwaran ft. Momina Mustehsan with Bilal Saeed.

Last year, renowned singer Bilal Saeed released his first song “Baari” with Momina Mustahsan, which set new records for success and received rave reviews from fans. The Fans of both the artists were waiting for the release of a new song for their fans this year as well.

So, the wait for the fans is over. Momina Mustahsan and Bilal Saeed released Baari 2 (Uchiyan Diwaran) which went viral on social media.

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Last week, both the artists gave the good news to their fans that they will soon release a remake of “Baari 1”.

Before releasing the song, Bilal Saeed and Momina Mustahsan also made some posts on social media.

Momina Mustahsan wrote about Baari singing that Baari is the story of a young girl whose heart is broken and she still wants to give her love another chance.

Momina Mustahsan further wrote that what happened to this young girl who gave a chance to love with a broken heart?? Fans will soon see the full story in turn 2.

Rahim Pardesi Story in Baari Song

There was a special entry of Rahim Pardesi in Baari 1 and fans were in a dilemma whether Rahim Pardesi will be in Baari 2 or not?? Bilal Saeed announced this news in these words that Raheem Pardesi is important for Baari 2 as like hot tea.

Before the release of the song, Bilal Saeed wrote on social media that when a person is in love, he becomes weak and you feel insecure. “No matter what happens, don’t let your relationship deteriorate due to insecurity,” he added.

Watch Baari 2 Song Uchiyan Diwaran

Download Baari 2 Song by Bilal Saeed ft. Momina Mustehsan

To download this Uchiyaan Dewaraan Baari 2 Song by Bilal Saeed & Momina Mustehsan, click on below link.

Download Video



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