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Facebook Testing new Feature to see cross-post Stories of Instagram

Facebook Testing new Feature to see cross-post Stories of Instagram

If you are watching stories of your friends and liked pages then you must have noticed the changing of the Facebook app. Recently many users on Facebook noticed that now they can see the Instagram stories within the Facebook app without opening the Instagram app. Facebook previously make available the features of cross-posting your stories Instagram to Facebook but current developments made users see Instagram stories directly without using the Instagram app. Facebook Testing new Feature to see cross-post Stories of Instagram within Facebook app.

Some twitter users share this change on their tweet first and later Facebook confirmed that currently, it is being tested in limited users and the company is analyzing feedback from Facebook users and Instagram.

After available the features to all users, the Instagram users will be able to see their account stories on Facebook for their friends and followers. But its important to know that both accounts Facebook and Instagram are linked together.

Facebook Testing new Feature to see cross-post Stories of Instagram

Facebook explains that the users on Facebook who are not following you on the Instagram profile will not be able to see your Instagram story, while you will be able to see story views and comments on Instagram.

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You will have to keep in mind that Facebook is continuously working on consolidating all its messaging apps including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. This project will make enables users to send messages with each other without joining that platform.

After this advancement, the Instagram chat will be more attractive with colors than before because people’s messages will appear in purple and blue colors while scrolling.

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How you know about the difference between both stories then it is the more simple and easiest way to know because the Facebook story has a default blue circle but Instagram has its color theme of orange/pink hues of the app icon.

It has also been reported that the message content will not be shared with Facebook Servers and cross-chat between both applications will require to create a new protocol.

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