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Seven Hidden features of WhatsApp you don’t even know

Seven Hidden features of WhatsApp you don't even know

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform has an active user of over 1.5 Billion. While we use the WhatsApp in a normal way, here we present to you the hidden features of WhatsApp.

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These are the Seven Hidden features of WhatsApp

Send Voice Note without holding the microphone icon.

Sending voice notes to any friend is an important and popular feature on WhatsApp. But when you have to send a lengthy voice note it may be creating trouble for your fingers to hold the microphone icon. The time has gone to hold the voice key to send a lengthy voice note. Many of us are unaware to use this hands-free voice note feature.

Its a simple thing use just you have to press the microphone icon and swipe up, it will lock the microphone icon and keypad and start showing the voice recording time has been started. Just press the send button to end the voice note and send your voice note.

Bookmark important conversation.

The time when some important messages want to find through the search functions of WhatsApp was a tricky thing. You should be thankful to the team WhatsApp to provide an excellent feature to bookmark any key message. Bookmark messages can be accessed easily and quickly.

To use this you have to just make starred in the key message. You can give a star to any message by pressing down and select the option “star”.

Android users can find all starred messages by tapping ‘More Options’ and selected the options ‘starred message’. iPhone users find it through the setting option.

Update the Activity at once to all

Sharing something to all at once then you can use update story and also use about status. Both things work differently but very effective to update your circle when they find to reach your account.

Whatsapp about feature has pre-existing text, you may use it or can create your one.

To update your status just goto the setting option and tapping your profile name. You will see the about text box just tap to edit the text.

Using gif’s and stickers in conversations

We use emoji’s in our conversation but using stickers offered a very funny experience in conversation.

You can use any sticker in your conversation by selecting a square icon option on your text field. After selecting you may find many stickers, you can also search the stickers and also add more stickers to download your choice

Stay online without using your phone

This is the most used Hidden features of WhatsApp worldwide. Sometimes using a phone in your work area can create trouble for you while using desktop PCs. But WhatsApp made it more simple to introduced WhatsApp desktop connectivity. Now you can stay online continuously without using your phone.

Just goto WhatsApp web and scan the code by your phone once. To scan the WhatsApp web code you have to go to the setting option and find the option WhatsApp Web/desktop easily.

Read messages without updating read status

There are many times when you want to hide the read status or avoid blue ticks. Although WhatsApp has the option to hide the Read Receipts but using this you cannot see the other friends the online staus and read status.

But there is a trick for iPhone users & some Android users too, to read the messages without letting them know. If you see the messages on your lock screen then just press the message notification down on the phone screen, it will pull the entire message for you but still, you won’t appear in conversation that you have read the message.

Book mark your loved one conversation or important group

If there are a lot of groups you joined, it will become awful to find the group you need to post daily or check your friend’s messages quickly. WhatsApp has an option to Pin WhatsApp Group or any Chat to Top of the List to quickly access the group.

To Pin a Chat or Group, select & hold, you chat will be selected & some options will be visible, click on the Pin button to Pin this Chat / Group to Top of the List

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