Pakistan Navy National Song 2021 – AMAN Exercise 2021

Pakistan Navy National Song 2021 - AMAN Exercise 2021

For the multinational exercises i.e. AMAN Exercise 2021, the Pakistan Navy National Song 2021 has released called ‘The Call of Peace’. These exercises have taken place from February 11 and will continue to February 16, 2021.

AMAN Exercise 2021

The peacekeeping exercises are designed to demonstrate a united commitment against crime and terrorism in maritime areas. Pakistan conducts these exercises every two years.

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This is the 7th series of Peace Exercises in which 32 countries have participated.

Pakistan Navy National Song 2021 ‘The Call of Peace’

Pakistan Navy National Song 2021 ‘The Call of Peace’

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Pakistan has divided the peace exercises into two phases, the first being Harbor and the second Sea.

The Harbor phase includes seminars and discussions with the participation of international delegations and experts, while the second phase includes demonstrations of the forces’ practical exercises at sea.

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These peacekeeping exercises will further enhance Pakistan’s image on the world forum. In addition, the participation of more than 40 countries in these exercises is a sign of Pakistan’s strong partnership.

Pakistan is also the largest troop contributor to the United Nations, which has been praised many times by UN world leaders.

This song of the Pakistan Navy will play a positive role in highlighting the hard work and sacrifices of the forces.

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At the national level, songs are issued from time to time to all Pakistanis to unite and connect with their forces and to remember the sacrifices of the forces, which are greatly appreciated by the Pakistani people.



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