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The PSL management has shared a video of the preparation of the sixth edition of the Pakistan Super League anthem “Groove Mera BTS Anthem ” on its official Instagram account.

PSL 6’s anthem “Groove Meera” has been criticized since its release and not only cricket fans but also those who are not interested in cricket but enjoy PSL songs every year. however, the song is also being loved by artists and many fans.

Yesterday, the PSL management shared a video on their official Instagram account of how to make a “Groove Meera” anthem. The four singers in the song, Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners, have also shared their experiences during the song.

Groove Mera BTS Anthem

Naseebo Lal said, “I feel very good singing this song because for the first time I have done something that makes me very happy.” My groove is my dear Pakistan and this is the camera.

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Sharing her experience while preparing the song, Aima Baig said that the PSL management gave her a lot of love and she also had a lot of fun singing and acting in this song. “Groove Meera” is a street style song because our people love street style songs. Aima Baig said, “My groove is my music.”

Talha Younus of Young Sterner’s Group said that it is an honor for her to be a part of the anthem of PSL 6. This time PSL has tried to come out of the box and do something new. And I think people will love that song.

Talha Anjum said that my experience of preparing the PSL anthem was very good. I am working with Aima Baig and Naseebo Lal for the first time and I am very excited.

Song producer Xulfi said that one thing is common in cricket and music and that is rhythm. You have often seen commentators say that the bowler is in rhythm today.

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Explaining the meaning of “Groove”, he said that Rhythm is passionately called Groove. Citing the example of Groove, he said that one day Shaheen Afridi took four wickets and won the match, then Shaheen Afridi is in the big “Groove” today.


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