Chai Wala Biskut Ad highlighting the Corona Precautions

Chai Wala Biskut Ad 2021 Public Service Message Bisconni TVC 2021

Chai Wala Biskut Ad 2021 | Public Service Message | Bisconni TVC 2021

If you want to see the beautiful colors of marriage, then travel to any country in Asia it will become the best tour of your life. But the color, happiness, and beauty that is in a Pakistani wedding are hardly you will be able to see and enjoy in any other Asian family.

Pakistani weddings are a beautiful reflection of rich civilization and pure natural culture.

If a family has to get a wedding ceremony simply, then the colors of the wedding event and its beauty become so unique, but if it is a wedding with a full drum blast and a Been Baja (bagpipe), then the happiness is doubled and everlasting.

Ever since the Corona epidemic engulfed the entire world, it seems as if happiness has waned. As time goes on, the whole world has realized that if we want to survive this epidemic, we have to take all precautionary measures by staying with it in our routine life.

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Now we have to get married, people will come, we have to take care of the crowd, we have to avoid the disease and to protect ourselves and to save others.

Biscuit Biscuits has tried to solve this problem in its new advertisement in a very unique and beautiful way.

Shaadi ki Mehfil te sajni hi sajni hai

Jo ajaye bulawa shehnai bajni hi bajni hai

Mask laga kay, laal jora paa lo

twade swag se har mehfil rajni hi rajni hai

All the precautions of the Corona epidemic are beautifully illustrated in a classical song and traditional dance.

The famous Punjabi Qatta of marriage has been portrayed in such a way that we should not forget the precautionary measures of Corona and also enjoy the marriage.

People also liked this advertisement on social media and made various comments.

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The ad delivering a public service message of wearing a mask to applying a sanitizer and making a distance of six feet in a beautiful way by dancing and singing.

This is a great opportunity for any company to provide awareness to the people as well as introduce their product.

Chai Wala Biskut Ad 2021



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