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Ansar Abbasi Trending on Twitter? Do you know Why?

Ansar Abbasi Trending on Twitter Do you know Why

Every day on social media, many people are seen addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan and asking him some questions. But yesterday, journalist Ansar Abbasi shared a video and said something to the Prime Minister that angered Twitter users. After that Ansar Abbasi Trending on Twitter? Do you know Why?

Ansar Abbasi Trending on Twitter?

Ansar Abbasi shared a clip of a show on Pakistan’s state-run television channel Pakistan Television: “Prime Minister, this is PTV.”

In this 17-second clip, which was objected to by Ansar Abbasi, a woman dressed in a sports dress can be seen working out with a male trainer. Perhaps this is what Ansar Abbasi found inappropriate.

But this is not the first time that women’s participation in various aspects of daily life has been called into question.

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You may recall that some time ago, analyst Orya Maqbool Jan also raised questions about a female bowler bowling in a TV advertisement, after which he also faced severe criticism.

Ansar Abbasi Trending?

Something similar happened after Ansar Abbasi’s tweet. Social media users took him by surprise and raised the question of what they saw wrong in the clip. Among such users, a large number of women as well as men brought Ansar Abbasi to justice.

But despite all the criticism, Ansar Abbasi seemed adamant. He wrote: “If the whole world turns against me for opposing anything un-Islamic in our society, I don’t care for a moment. Instead, I am thankful to my God who enabled me to do this and I am proud of it. May Allah guide us all? Amen. ‘

Minister’s criticism and Ansar Abbasi’s response

When Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Hussain Chaudhry criticized Ansar Abbasi and suggested sophisticated treatment, Ansar Abbasi did not hesitate to respond.

Ansar Abbasi wrote in reply to the Federal Minister: ‘You are part of the government which claims to rebuild Pakistan according to the principles of the state of Madinah. Can you explain what you support in the light of the Quran and Sunnah and the Constitution of Pakistan?

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‘Think based on equality, all this nonsense will go out of your mind’

A user named Abdul Rehman wrote:

I don’t understand what’s wrong with that. This woman is not wearing obscene clothes and she is not doing anything wrong. She is exercising and this is how exercise is done. You can’t exercise wearing a Burqa.

Faraz Chaudhry wrote: ‘Abbasi sahib, what is wrong with you women? Do you think a woman is just a piece of meat? Neither man is superior nor woman! Start thinking based on equality, all this nonsense will go out of your mind.

Journalist Hamna Zubair wrote:

“Giving sexuality to everyday working women is also part of the rape culture.”

In addition, Another user wrote: “Ansar Abbasi represents the thinking of the majority of Pakistanis who see nothing but sexuality in their eyes.”


Noorin Fatima wrote: ‘Abbasi sahib why don’t we see it as training. Why aren’t our eyes clear? Why do we look at women only from the angle of sex? It is time for you and everyone to look at things differently, otherwise, there will not be a single woman left in our society.

Another user wrote sarcastically:

Shouldn’t a woman exercise? Oh yes, remember … If you are not ready to consider a woman as a human being, how can you give her the right to exercise?

Journalist Geeti Ara Anis wrote:

“Oriya and Ansar Abbasi have a problem with women walking, exercising and participating in sports.”

But throughout the debate, many users also sided with Ansar Abbasi and appeared to support his position.

User Mohd Ali Kayani wrote:

‘Those who are objecting to Ansar Abbasi are requested that there is no problem with women’s exercise, Although if this is a woman trainer and only women should take care of the veil Is.’

A user named Yasser Arafat also expressed similar views in favor of Ansar Abbasi and wrote:

Ansar Abbasi has made a very correct point. A Muslim does not embellish the national channel of a state by showing the bodies of women of his country in this way.

Twitterati Trolls Ansar Abbasi

However: “It would be encouraging if every Pakistani woman did gym in a proper manner keeping in view the needs of the times.”

‘Women continue their work out on TV’

The BBC’s Sana Asif Dar spoke to Arif Noor, a journalist and Dawn TV anchor, about this and asked what could be done to change the way society thinks. Keep exercising on TV, maybe they will get used to it.

“There is an idea in our society that a woman should wear a chador or hijab and should not show exercising in public or on TV, and Ansar Abbasi reflects that view,”

Noor said.

“We need to change that mindset as well as make sure that things like this. Although, it has a minimal impact on women’s lives or activities,” she said.

“There are ideas in every society that will try to impose restrictions on women, but what matters is how much these ideas affect women’s lives or decisions,” she said.

Arif Noor added that if women were to fight this war, they would have to continue their activities despite the prevailing thinking in society and listen only to those who support them.

In conclusion, in the time of Social media, every person has the right to express in its own way.

We should respect each other whether we have a different belief.

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