China’s Response to TikTok and WeChat Ban in the US

China's Response to TikTok and WeChat Ban in the US

China has reacted to the US ban on TikTok downloads on its soil since September 20. China’s Response to TikTok and WeChat Ban in the US (United States) by accusing the United States of America of being “abusive” and has indicated it may retaliate.

China’s Response to TikTok and WeChat Ban

According to a statement issued by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, “China urges the United States to refrain from such behavior, to refrain from its misconduct and to ensure the fair and transparent implementation of international law.”

“If the United States insists on pursuing this path, China will take the necessary steps to ensure the legal rights and interests of Chinese companies”

Chinese Ministry of Commerce

On September 18,Β US Commerce Secretary Wilburs Rose confirmed to Fox News BusinessΒ that the US government had decided to ban both Chinese apps following a presidential directive.

According to the Commerce Secretary, a special notification issued on September 18, stating that WeChat will ban across the United States from September 20 and no one will be able to download it.

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The Commerce Secretary clarified that the US Government is taking all necessary steps to safeguard national security in the light of the President’s orders.

Reuters quoted the same report. The US government had announced that WeChat would be shut down from September 20 and TikTok from November 12. But no one would be able to download it from September 20.

TikTok US Shutdown Notice by Trump

It should be noted that in August, the US President in his two different executive orders had asked to ban WeChat and TikTok.

Donald Trump’s orders suggested that TikTok sell its US shares to a US company within 45 days. Otherwise, it would be shut down. Similarly, WeChat told that to sell its US assets to a US technology company within 45 days. Otherwise, it would also shut down.

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TikTok given a deadline of September 15, 2020. But later on August 16, the Trump administration extended the deadline by another 45 days, until November 12.

TikTok Agreement with Oracle for US Operations

Although a partnership agreement reached between the Chinese company and Oracle regarding the US operations of TikTok. But the US government has not yet approved it.

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Under the agreement, TikTok and Oracle will work to protect US consumer data on a partnership basis. The companies submitted the documents of the agreement to the US Commerce Department on September 17.

After the two companies sent documents to the Commerce Department US. President Donald Trump said, he would not sign the agreement between TikTok and Oracle.

The day before, Donald Trump had said that he was not ready to sign any of the agreements reached between TikTok and Oracle.

The US president said national security issues should be 100% pure. He would look into it before signing the agreement between the two companies.

Other apps are struggling to replace TikTok

Other apps are struggling to replace TikTok in the face of US sanctions. Instagram and YouTube have introduced features based on copying TikTok in the form of reels and YouTube shorts. In other words, They are creating an alternative to TikTok in the US. But TikTok has plenty of time, and before November 12, it could be part of the Play Store and Apple App Store in the United States again, depending on the approval of the agreement

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