Android OREO finally Google named upcoming Andriod 8.0 Version..

Android OREO finally Google named upcoming Andriod 8.0 Version..

When USA experiencing Solar eclipse Google announced official name of coming android 8.0 version that OREO that will hit smart phone and tablets near future.The main focus of coming version of battery life, speed and security.Google slowly trying to restricts apps working what should be what should not be.Android Oreo comes with latest features including native picture-in-picture mode, smart text selection, system optimizations and notification badges.

Android Oreo will also introduce universal auto fill system that will allow users to use apps by directly fill login dialogues.Android 8.0 Oreo will also include redesigned Emojis. The company in May confirmed that the company will be rolling out newly-designed stock emojis with Android O.

The continued success of Android is critical for Google. It’s the gateway drug for the search giant’s world of apps, including Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps. Android has become the most dominant mobile software on the planet, powering nearly nine out of every 10 smartphones globally.
But when it comes to world domination, Google is interested in more than just phones. Android now runs on everything from smartwatches to cars to TVs. In May, Google said the software is used by more than 2 billion devices.


Still, as Google promotes the new version of Android, it’s got a big challenge ahead: actually getting it onto people’s phones.

Android OREO finally Google named it:


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