Twitter hashtag celebrated its 10 Years

Twitter hashtag celebrated its 10 Years See Top tweets of its Birthday Wish

Twitter hashtag The nobody knows that hash tag will be a unique identity of promoting or showing their views on internet. The first hash tag used in 2007 by Chriss Messina in twitter now be are using all others social platforms of Facebook Instagram google etc Now it has been completed 10 years and Twitter has been celebrated its ten years birthday you can share your tweets by sending your views including hashtag of #Hashtag10.

Which hashtags have mattered most to you?

Here are some other #Hashtags which became popular on social sites:

Moreover, after “#” become so much popular, famous Merriam Webster dictionary added the word into its word list in 2014.

From breaking news to movements that unite us and bring about change

Twitter hashtag celebrated its 10 Years :

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