The Essential Tips to select the Best Mattress for back pain in Pakistan

The Essential Tips to select the Best Mattress for back pain in Pakistan

Back pain and spinal problems affect millions of people around the world irrespective of their age and gender. Here below we will also the discussed the Essential Tips to select the Best Mattress for back pain in Pakistan. While there are many remedies to help with the pain, a good comfy mattress that keeps the spine aligned is the most expeditious one.

Poor sleeping posture accentuated by lack of firm mattress support can cause acute back pain or worsen chronic spinal issues. Straining of the spinal muscles, prevent the alignment of the spine resulting in persistent back pain. Any kind of spinal disease can worsen or become better with the type of mattress you use. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best mattress which allows the spine to rest while providing support to the muscles during sleep.​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Essential Tips to select the Best Mattress for back pain in Pakistan

The following essential tips can help you choose a suitable mattress for back pain:

Know when it’s time to replace your mattress

There is no rule of thumb when an old mattress should be replaced, however, it is a good idea to change a mattress every seven to ten years. The Better Sleep Council also recommends changing the mattress when it becomes less supportive.

In research from Oklahoma State University, 62 people were assigned to new beds to find the impact of mattresses on sleep quality. The data showed that while most people with the cheapest mattresses reported mild pain, in comparison to high-priced options, almost everyone slept better. The important thing in the research to note was that the beds were new; the average person’s mattress in the study group seemed to be 9.5 years old and needed replacement.

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The takeaway message from the research was that after about ten years, mattresses need to be changed.Befor any decision you should have to search all the Essential Tips to select the Best Mattress for back pain in Pakistan.

Signs that the mattress needs changing include visible sagging, lack of comfort, and bulges or protruding parts from certain areas. Moreover, when using an old mattress, you’ll find that you wake up restless and have an achy body. This is bad for people who already suffer from back pain. Thus, timely replace your mattress in such a scenario.

Look for a mattress with back support

For spinal diseases, it’s best to have a mattress that aligns with the natural curves and supports the spine. This doesn’t necessarily mean sleeping on a hard mattress. Data shows that mattresses with medium hardness were preferred by people with back pain, in comparison to firmer mattresses. While research is limited, it seems that medium-hard is the best option when you are in doubt.

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Medium-hard mattresses, as opposed to hard mattresses, do not cause aches and pains in the pressure points, as they allow the hips and shoulders to sink in. Thus, there is minimal soreness of muscles when one wakes up in the morning. Medium-hard mattresses are also more comfortable overall. If this mattress also doesn’t work for you then it may be time to consult a professional such as the top pain management specialist in Islamabad

Don’t go for a very soft mattress

Even though very soft mattresses look good on the get-go, they are not suitable for people with back pain. The softness should be enough to allow your hips and shoulders to sink in, but only enough that the spine is straight.

This is important because only with a straight spine while sleeping, will the muscles and ligaments that support the spine will relax and recover. Sleeping on a surface that does not provide adequate support to the hips or shoulders can cause back strains and undue pressure on the pelvis or shoulders.​​​

Moreover, the level of softness needed to keep the spine straight is different for different body types. For instance, people with wider hips should sleep on a slightly softer surface. Alternatively, people with narrow hips should opt for a firm surface.

What are the components of your mattress?

In a mattress, support is provided by the coils or spring, however, different mattresses have a different arrangement of these coils. These coils are topped by the padding that comes in different thicknesses and an average depth of a mattress ranges from 7 to 18 inches. This arrangement can have an impact on the overall comfort and should be determined by individual preference.

Another type of mattress is the memory foam—which conforms to the body. The only downside of memory foam mattresses is that their material might have more chemicals than traditional innerspring ones.

Posture matters

Just having the right mattress is not enough—the right posture and the positioning of pillows are also important. For different spinal issues, different sleep postures are recommended by health experts. Therefore, seek the advice of your healthcare provider when it comes to sleep posture.

For instance, for people with isthmic spondylolisthesis, sleeping in a reclining position in better. While people with herniated lumbar disc should sleep according to the part of the spinal disc that is affected. The most common is the paracentral disc, for which, sleeping on the stomach is preferable; fetal position is recommended for people with a foraminal herniated disc. Osteoarthritic people should also sleep in a fetal position, so that faceted joints in the spine open up and relieve pressure. Degenerative disc disease patients can benefit from sleeping on the stomach to reduce pressure on the disc space.

Therefore, it is best to invest in a good mattress that’s comfortable not only for your sleep needs but also your spine needs. This mattress will go a long way but it will not be able to solve any long term chronic pain conditions. For that, you may have to consult a pain management specialist in Karachi.

Best Mattress for back pain in Pakistan

We will discuss the best brand of mattress in Pakistan in upcoming articles

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