Best Politician in the World 2020 to Fight Corona Outbreak

Best Politician in the World 2020 to Fight Corona Outbreak

The Asian World issued a list of top international leaders who worked hard to fight the corona pandemic and provide financial support to the affectees. Two political leaders of Pakistan are including their list in which Prime Minister Imran Khan is on the number one position. Here is the list below of Best Politician in the World 2020 to Fight Corona Outbreak.

Best Politician in the World 2020

  1. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan,

Imran Khan is the number one politician to fight against the corona pandemic. The Imran Khan introduced the Emergency Cash Program during the pandemic also give subsidy on Electricity Bills to small commercial sectors.

  1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, USA

New York Congresswoman Alexandria has been a strong voice for the country minorities and disadvantaged.

  1. Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand

The current Prime Minister of New Zealand enforced an effective stern lockdown. Jacinda also is presently seeing announcing a 4 day working in a week to support the nation’s health and economy after the pandemic.

  1. Sanna Marin, Finland

The youngest Prime Minister of Finland and also being a youngest female state leader Sanna Marin takes the various step to support the nation at the time of the corona crisis. She announces €15 billion to support the money to the business community.

  1. Ilhan Omar, USA

USA Congresswoman Ilhan Omar also the best politician in the world to sight the corona crisis. She moved out of a special legislation bill in the USA to cancel rent and mortgage payments during the Coronavirus crisis. Her turn is presently serving millions who are struggling with expenses.

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6. Justin Trudeau, Canada

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Prime Minister of Canada provided the Canada Emergency Student Benefit to those new graduates who were unable to work and are concerned about daily basic living expenses.

  1. Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari, Pakistan

Zulfi Bukhari is the Special Assistant to Prime Minister of Canada Prime Minister for abroad Pakistani including HRD. He helped the overseas Pakistanis to reach Pakistan while stuck abroad due to flight operation has closed. 

  1. Leo Varadkar

The former Irish Prime Minster helped the country by registering himself as a doctor during the corona pandemic. He helped the people through the phone by providing health care services.

  1. Jagmeet Singh, Canada

Canadian Parliament Member Jagmeet has been working on a transparency system of financial support to the people by the government.

  1. Fawzia Zainal, Bahrain

 Fawzia Zainal the first woman speaker of the Bahraini government worked along with other members on country education during the corona outbreak. She proposed an ann education bill for quality education in remote education.

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