Abdul Patisserie Lahore, Doctor to Baker | Story of Abdul Sami

Abdul Patisserie Lahore, Doctor to Baker Story of Abdul Sami

Abdul Patisserie Lahore, Doctor to Baker | Story of Abdul Sami

Meet the young boy from Lahore who pursues his career in his hobby. Recently a report has been published in Independent Urdu about his journey. Here we sharing his words about become a baker instead of a Doctor.

“I loved artistic things, so I told my mother that I wanted to do something else that would make my eyes look beautiful.”

“I didn’t tell my parents that I washed the dishes in the cafe. This is what I did for many months because no one without experience allows you to come into your kitchen right away. So, I washed the dishes and then they shifted me to their pastry side. ‘

Abdul Sami, 25, recounts this interesting experience.

How did a doctor become a baker?

Speaking to The Independent Urdu, Abdul Sami said, “My parents wanted me to become a doctor and I obeyed them and I did pre-medical and I got admission in a medical college but I was not happy.”

Abdul Sami says he enrolled at COTHM, a Lahore-based company that trains hotel management and chefs.

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“It was a two-year course equivalent to graduation. After that, I had to do an internship the way doctors do house jobs, so I got a place in a cafe, but they hired me to do the dishes.

“Meanwhile, in 2018, I created my Instagram page, Abdul Patisserie, and started making cakes,” he says. I take orders only on Instagram. I have about 5000 followers there. He says he has been fond of cooking and good food since childhood. He took pleasure in this work and then built a special kind of kitchen on the top floor of his house where he only makes cakes and other bakery items.

“I do all the work alone because I like it. I have no helpers yet, yet I make a maximum of 10 cakes a day and a minimum of four or five.

He said that, his journey was a bit difficult. As baking is mostly considered as a women’s sector, so when he came to this sector, the bakers who were already here were worried about ‘who is Abdul and where did he come from?’. There were some jellies, but then slowly everything got better.

Abdul Patisserie Lahore Facebook Page Screenshots

Image Screen shots: Abdul’s Patisserie Face Book Page

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Customers Reviews about Abdul Patisserie

He told that, some of my customers like to make cakes from me regularly.

“Customers make their designs, they make them, and I design some of my own and make them beautiful. Customers like those designs. It’s never been the case that anyone disliked them.”

Currently, Abdul Sami alone sends orders for cakes from his kitchen, but he also plans to open a cafe and bakery soon.​

Watch the Video Interview of Abdul Sami Baker

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