New Hajj scheme of Pakistan under Malaysian Hajj Program Model

New Hajj scheme of Pakistan under Malaysian Hajj Program Model

The New Hajj scheme of Pakistan under the Malaysian Hajj Program Model. It will be a Cheap Hajj scheme ever in the history of Pakistan. Currently, this Hajj Scheme is under consideration.

Through this government scheme of halal investment, people will be able to perform Hajj easily.

Hajj expenses in Pakistan for 2020 set at Rs. 4,86,270/- approx which was Rs. 4,36,935/- approx in 2019 and about Rs. 2,93,050/- approx in 2018. That’s an increase of about 66% in two years.

According to experts, these costs could exceed Rs 500,000 next year.

In these circumstances, it is becoming difficult for the common man to perform Hajj. The middle class is in a dilemma whether they will ever be able to perform Hajj in their life.

Malaysian Hajj Program Model in New Hajj scheme of Pakistan

In this situation, Lahore-based economist Mian Imran Ahmed suggested a new formula-based Hajj policy formulation in Pakistan. Ths new Hajj policy will be in the style of Malaysia’s ‘Tabung Hajj Program’ to facilitate cheap and quick Hajj. 

He has forwarded his suggestions and the ‘Malaysian Tabung Haji Act’ to the Islamic Ideological Council. After that, members of the council called the ‘best plan’ to make Hajj cheaper. 

Imran told The Independent Urdu that basically through this New Hajj scheme of Pakistan, anyone will open an account in a bank or post office. After that, the money will be used for halal projects by the Islamic Ideological Council and the Islamic Sharia Board, which includes scholars of all schools of thought.

He said that as soon as this amount is equal to the expenses of Hajj, the user will be made to perform Hajj and his account will be closed.

This is a ‘practical solution’, which will not only increase the capacity of the common man but will also prove to be a major project for the Pakistani economy. The common man collects money here for 10-15 years, after which he can perform Hajj. For this, he saves money by keeping it at home.

According to Mian Imran Ahmed

According to him, the long period of 15 years will be shifted from this project to two to five years. Also, the money lying in the houses will come to the banks, and joining the economy will improve the economy.

What does the Islamic Ideological Council say?

In this regard, the head of the Islamic Ideological Council, Qibla Ayaz, said in his audio message that Imran Ahmed had suggested that a Hajj fund be set up in the style of Malaysia and Indonesia. “This Hajj fund should ensure that Hajj expenses are not high, not beyond the means of affordability. The Malaysian Act also received in this regard.”

After reviewing the proposal the Islamic Ideological Council decided to send it to the Ministry of Religious Affairs to make arrangements. 

He said that the Ministry of Religious Affairs worked regularly and agreed with it. Also, a committee has been formed which includes the Secretary of the Islamic Ideological Council, Dr. Ikram-ul-Haq Yaseen.

According to him, the committee is looking at how to invest this capital in the Pakistani context as opposed to Malaysia and Indonesia. So that its income comes from halal sources and how to declare, how to deposit money in the Hajj Fund. How to use money in certain areas.

He said that the committee was considering all these matters. Also, the draft had been prepared, which would go to the cabinet and after approval, the Hajj fund would be announced. He hoped that the Hajj would be held under the new policy this year.

Malaysia’s Tabung Haji program?

According to a statement sent to the Islamic Ideological Council, Tabung Hajj is Malaysia’s official Hajj program, known as THK. The people of Malaysia wanted to perform Hajj with less money and halal income. But there was no system of halal investment for Hajj in the country.

Because of this need, Mr. Angko Abdul Aziz bin Angko Abdul Hamid, Professor of Economics, drew the attention of the Malaysian government in 1959 to the provision of Hajj facilities to the people through halal investment. It was named Prospecto Hajj Pilgrims Savings Corporation. Later it was renamed as ‘Tabung Haji’. The project was formally launched on September 30, 1963. In the modern world, this act is considered to be the first complete law to facilitate Hajj through Islamic halal investment at the official level.

Tabung Haji Bank

Tabung Haji Bank operates under the auspices of the Islamic Council of Malaysia and the National Fatwa Committee. Following the great success in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Maldives also adopted the project.

In Malaysia, initially, 1281 people opened accounts with 46,610 ringgit and by 2019, 93 lakh accounts have been opened with 73 billion ringgit deposited. 

Under this scheme, any Malaysian citizen can open a free account in any THB branch. Also, deposit money in it every month as per his ability. 

The Malaysian government invests it in halal projects. When the amount of Hajj is completed, the account holder is sent for Hajj. However, the selection is also made on a first-come-first-served basis. If the required amount is not credited to the account when the turn comes. Then, the government pays out of its pocket and deducts the amount from future profits. The project has made the majority of Malaysians able to perform the Hajj.

Suggestions received for the New Hajj scheme of Pakistan by the Ministry of Religious Affairs

  1. A project called ‘Hajj Fund’ should be started at the government level, which will be supervised by a Shariah Board comprising scholars and economists of all schools of thought.
  2. Initially accounts for this scheme should be opened in Islamic banks and post offices.
  3. Separate counters should be set up in the State Bank of Pakistan under the name of ‘Hajj Fund’.
  4. To become a member of the Hajj Fund, membership forms should be provided at Islamic banks and post offices besides SBP.
  5. The government can allocate an initial amount of rupees one lac for opening an account. The person who becomes a member of the Hajj Fund should be allotted an account number So, the account holder can issue a statement whenever he wants.
  6. Withdrawal of money before the performing of Hajj is prohibited but if the profit remains after the performing of Hajj, it should be returned to the people.

Islamic investment laws

  1. As far as investing with account holders’ money is concerned. Then there are excellent Islamic investment laws such as Musharakah, Mudaraba, Murabaha, Takaful, Sukuk, Ijara, and BeAlmuajal.
  2. After the approval of the Shariah Board, the money from the Hajj Fund should be invested in a halal business in a halal manner. Similarly, the profit and loss should be distributed according to the same rules.
  3. The Government of Pakistan has hundreds of options for investing in a halal business at all times. This investment can be made at home as well as abroad. After that, the Hajj expenses of the account holders should be borne by combining the profit earned from this investment and the amount of capital.
  4. People should be selected for Hajj on a first-come-first-served basis. The people who are selected but their expenses are not met even after combining their profits and capital. The government should take funds from other account holders in this fund and pay their Hajj expenses and future profits. Pay for it
  5. But if the profit and capital exceed the Hajj expenses. Then, this amount should be returned to the account holders in the form of a bonus.

The article originally Published in The Independent Urdu

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