Suzuki Swift Model Discontinue by 2021 – Pak Suzuki Announced

Suzuki Swift Model Discontinue by 2021 - Pak Suzuki Announced

Pak Suzuki has decided to discontinue its model in Pakistan. The company press statement has been stated that Suzuki Swift Model Discontinue from the upcoming year of August 2021. Also stated that Pak Suzuki will be continuing its production and they will manufacture 2432 units from 2020 to 2021.

According to the production chart in the circular given to Pak Suzuki partner the company will produce 668 last units of DLX NAV variants and 1755 units of its AT NAV variant by August 2021.

Pak Suzuki informed all its market stakeholders about its decision and the production of new last units. Pak Suzuki’s plan of discontinuing the swift from production is final but monthly demand might differ.

17 Years of Production in Market

Pak Suzuki launched its 1300cc swift model in 2004 in the international market and later 6 years it has been also available in the Pakistan market. After 17 years it will be discontinuing from the Pakistan market. Currently two variants of swift available in the market around two million prices.

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Pak Suzuki has also requested all their business alliance to make an effective sales plan so there is no surplus inventory at the end. The company has not shared any plans for the introduced new model in the market. Suzuki lovers are waiting to see the what company will launch to replace the swift model.

Pak Suzuki advised all its suppliers to follow the company’s policy before the placement of any new order or contracts.

Why Suzuki Swift Model Discontinue?

If we see the market life of swift then It has been reported that Suzuki swift sales started declining gradually and the imported cars especially Japnese cars have been dented swift sales. Initial years of the swift market were very tough but between 2011 and 2012 the company reached its highest sales turn over in a single year. The company sold more than 7000 units in a year but time has been changing now.

Pak Suzuki changed its product price 8th times in the current year. The company hiked the prices without any significant advancement ib its cars.

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