My hands are Blue Veins? Blue hands Symptoms, causes, diagnosis

My hands are Blue Veins Blue hands Symptoms, causes, diagnosis

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts often exhibit hand muscles in which their veins become more prominent. But the strange thing is that in some people the veins are very prominent, in some not at all, in the world of fitness it is called vascularity in which the veins are prominent while the skin around it looks thin. My hands are Blue Veins? Blue hands Symptoms, causes, diagnosis

This is partly due to the reduction in the amount of fat under the skin which helps in the determination of veins and muscles.

Excessive swelling of the veins is not a sign of fitness, as it is often the result of harmful tendencies, and as noted above, the veins do not necessarily appear in people who go to the gym or exercise.

So why My hands are Blue Veins?

The veins in the hands are prominent when exercising or standing still, while many times the prominence of the veins is the result of the increased volume of muscles and a decrease in body fat, however, fitness is not the only indication of this.

My hands are Blue Veins Blue hands Symptoms, causes, diagnosis
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There are a few reasons that make the veins more prominent, while it is better to take care of a few things when the veins are prominent.

Increased blood pressure

When a person exercises, their blood pressure or blood pressure rises according to the needs of the muscles because they need more blood.

As a result, the veins dilate, making the veins prominent.

However, if you suffer from high blood pressure, make regular exercise a doctor’s advice. You may find the nearest doctor if you suffer high blood pressure.

Too much stress

Prominent veins in the hands can also be a sign that the body is under stress due to daily routines or fitness efforts.

An increase in the level of stress makes the veins prominent because of the level of the stress hormone cortisol in the body increases.

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Another hormone, aldosterone, raises blood pressure by accumulating sodium in the body, which also causes the veins to swell.

Blue veins on hands due to Physical weakness

Low body fat also causes the veins to swell, thinner layers of fat in the skin of thinner people, and this thin layer makes the veins more visible rather than hidden.

Warm temperature

When the weather is hot, the body tries to cool the body by sending extra blood to the surface of the veins.

Sometimes the veins become swollen as a result as the blood volume in the hand’s increases.

That is, the reversal can occur in cold weather when the veins become less visible due to cooling.

Genes and age

Some people have naturally clear skin, so the veins are even more noticeable, especially if they are used to exercising.

Other people have naturally larger veins that often become more noticeable when exercising.

In addition, the veins of the elderly are more prominent. Because when the skin is less elastic, they become thinner, which causes the veins to dilate.

My hands are Blue Veins? is this Vein infection?

In some cases, it is a disease of the veins that causes the veins to become prominent.

This condition, called phlebitis, causes the veins to become inflamed and is usually linked to another disease, such as an infection, injury, or autoimmune disorder.

The functions of the veins do not work

A condition called varicose veins occurs when the valves of these veins do not work properly. Usually in the legs, but can also occur in the hands.

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In this condition, the blood circulation is not correct, which causes the veins to swell and can cause pain.

Is this a sign of concern?

As mentioned above, the appearance of veins is not a positive sign of fitness. Because high blood pressure and excessive stress are also among the causes.

So it is better to avoid excessive physical exercise, as it will increase the risk of injuries and certain diseases.

Set exercise limits by listening to your body rather than an external scale.

By the way, if you are very fit and the veins are not visible, don’t worry, this is also normal.

When to consult a doctor?

In most cases, the appearance of veins is normal and beneficial for health, not to worry about.

However, if the veins appear with a few other symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, ulcers near the veins, or If there is swelling, a doctor should be consulted. because it may indicate various medical problems.

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