Multan Sultan Song 2021 – Sultan Aa Gayya Saeen 😍

Multan Sultan Song 2021 Tak Meday Sohna Sultan Aa Gayya Anthem

As the other teams of the Pakistan Super League released their official anthems, Multan Sultan also released its official anthem. Multan Sultan Song 2021 Tak Meday Sohna Sultan Aa Gayya Saeen.

Multan Sultan shared a post on his official social media account that it was going to release his official anthem in a few hours.

Tak Meday Sohna Sultan Aa Gayya Saeen

Multan Sultan Song 2021 Official Anthem.

Multan Sultan Shared their official anthem for PSL 6.

Multan Sultan Song 2021 MP3 DOWNLOAD

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  • Multan Sultan Anthem 2021 Download MP3

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Because Multan Sultan represents the southern region of Punjab province of Pakistan. The majority of the population of South Punjab is the Saraiki language, which is probably why all the songs of Multan Sultan include Saraiki culture and Saraiki style.

It may be recalled that the famous Saraiki singer Ataullah Issa Khan Khelvi has also sung the song of Multan Sultan which was very viral on social media.

All the teams of the Pakistan Super League have shared their official songs on social media which are very much appreciated by the people.

A few days ago when the PCB released the official song of Pakistan Super League “Groove Mera” in the voice of Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig & Young Stunners, at first fans did not like this song and criticized but a few days later the same song became the most-watched song of Super League on YouTube.

Multan Sultans Official Fan Anthem

Waqt-E-Janoob Song Attahullah Essa Khelvi

Multan Sultan shared his old song “Waqt-e-Janoob” to tribute to the people of South Punjab by Featuring Attahullah Essa Khelvi.


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