Karachi Kings Song 2021 | New Anthem PSL 6

Karachi Kings Song 2021 New Anthem PSL 6

Karachi Kings Song 2021 | New Anthem PSL 6 | Yeh hai karachi song 2021

As soon as PSL 6 started, All 6 franchises of the Pakistan Super League also released their official anthems to create excitement among their fans.

As much as people are waiting for PSL official songs, people are just as impatient with their favorite team’s songs. These songs are highly appreciated by each team’s fans.

When it a time to talk about the champion song, then song lyrics and the song production by each aspect should also be the champion.

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Karachi Kings have done something like this in their official song.

Now finally the champion of PSL 5 Karachi King has also released its official song for season 6.

Karachi Kings Song 2021

As the song was released on social media people loved the song. The Karachi King promotes its team by slogans of “Ye Hai Karachi” through his wonderful song.

Karachi Kings Anthem 2021 mp3 download

To download this Karachi Kings Anthem 2021 mp3, Click the below-mentioned links;

To download the MP3 of the Karachi Kings Anthem 2021, click on the above-mentioned link or Click HERE & copy the link “https://youtu.be/D2c0zNnkCFI” and paste in the MP3 download box.

Karachi Kings Song 2021 Lyrics

لبوں پہ ایک ہی نام ہے ،  کراچی میری جان ہے

 یہ شہر ہے جنون کا ،    یہ  کھیل اپنی شان ہے

ہوا میں جیت کا سرور ہے، جھکیں گی ہم یہ تیری بھول ہے

لگائیں چھکے ہر قدم،پلٹنے والے گیم ہم

اب دیکھو ہمارا بھرم،یہ ہے کراچی

یہ ہے کراچی ،کراچی

سبھی سماتے ہیں  یہاں، کے یہ دلوں کا میل ہے

رگوں میں خون کی طرح،گلی گلی یہ کھیل ہے

ہر ایک  ٹیم کے ملیں گےچاہنے والے

مگر ہے ہم کراچی کنگز کے ہی دیوانے

دلو ں کے بادشاہ ہیں ہم تو،رہیں گے دل میں ہر دم

یوکھیلیں  ، جیتیں بازی ہم ، ہوا میں جیت کا سروور ہے

جھکیں گی ہم یہ تیری بھول ہے،لگائیں چھکے ہر قدم

پلٹنے والے گیم ہم،اب دیکھو ہمارا بھرم

یہ ہے کراچی

یہ ہے کراچی،کراچی

جو آتا ہےتوآن دے، بِن آؤٹ کیے ناجاندے

چلیں اپنا بل ایسا رے، ہم کنگز ہیں دل والوں کے

 یہ ہے کراچی آن دے،ہم کنگز ہیں دل والوں کے

یہ ہے کراچی ،کراچی

New Anthem PSL 6

Yesterday, Lahore Qalandars also have released their official song for PSL 6 in the voice of Abrar-ul-Haq. Besides, Peshawar Zalmi has also released their official song in which Esra Bilgic aka Haleema Sultan, the actress of Dirils Ertugrul Turkish drama, has also performed.

When we talk about Karachi, it seems that the whole of Pakistan is here.

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The population of Karachi is around 2 to 3 crores and people of almost every nation and race live here, so you get a different culture of Karachi.

Karachi Kings in their official song has also highlighted the identity of Karachi in a very good way.

The official song of the Kashmir Premier League “The Aazadi” which started this year has also been released.

It should be noted that Kashmir Premier League is the first sports league of Kashmir to be started under the supervision of PCB in which six teams like PSL are participating.

The Kashmir Premier League will be played in Azad Kashmir in April this year.

PSL Teams Songs 2021

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