Live Streaming Web Service Launched soon |Pakistani Netflix

Live Streaming Web Service Launched soon Pakistani Netflix

Fawad Chaudhry the Federal Minister for Science and Technology has been proactive nowadays. Every coming day he is announcing multiple tech start-up initiatives of Pakistan. Now Fawad Chaudhry shared the good news for movie lovers the government of Pakistan is going to launch its streaming platform like streaming website Netflix. Live Streaming Web Service Launched soon and probably it will be Pakistan’s own Netflix version.

Fawad shared this news on his Twitter handle by saying,

“We are fully prepared and ready to launch our own First OTT television under the Ministry of Science and Technology”.

Live Streaming Web Service Launched soon

Fawad Chaudhry further shared more details of launching Pakistan’s First Streaming platform. In addition, his ministry completed all prerequisites of this technology forum. Finally, we also instruct PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) to prepare all necessary content rules and instructions. Because which type of content will be produced and published?. It is yet to be discussed after the final draft of PEMRA.

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Pakistan launching its OTT services in the country under public-private partnership agreement.

As Fawad Shared this, social media users are very happy and expressing their happiness by congratulating Fawad and his ministry.

A Twitter user tweet that,

“It is great news for all Pakistani who loved to see the Pakistani shows on web streaming platform”.

Many Twitter users appreciated the government initiative.

Pakistan’s industry filmmakers and producers have been demanding these types of OTT platforms at the government level for a long time.

Pakistani Netflix Version

Currently, the Pakistani audience has also multiple international streaming forums like Netflix, iflix, and YouTube. Now it’s a time of need to launch Pakistani version of web streaming. Because web series content trending has been popularizing more than traditional television.

Pakistani showbiz lover should be noted that Pakistan’s released its own original web series on an Indian streaming website. In which “Churail” has been viral on social media.

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