latest iOS update 2021 tell blind users where and how far away people are

latest iOS update 2021 tell blind users where and how far away people are

Apple has introduced an exciting new accessibility feature into its recent latest iOS update 2021 in its beta iOS. Apple introduced a system that can detects the existence of anything a people also how much distance to people from its iPhone’s camera. This is major developments for blind users.

The new feature has emerged from Apple’s ARKit, for which Apple developed “people occlusion,”.  Apple’s ARKit can detect people’s shapes and can pass the virtual items in front and behind of them.

The development team realized that providing this tool on the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max with the exact distance dimensions will be a very convenient tool for anybody with a visual impairment.

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No doubt many of us would think of keeping other people six feet away during the coronavirus pandemic. But where other people are and how far away they are is a basic visual function connected to our brain that we use all the time to know where we are, how far we are from someone, which line in a shopping mall, and from where and when to turn.

latest iOS update 2021 for blind users

The new feature is part of the Magnifier app that provides information to the user using the Pro and Pro Max’s Lidar and mobile wide-angle cameras. This feature allows the user to access information in a variety of ways. If there is any person there, the mobile will tell you how many meters or feet away that person is from you, it will alert you immediately when that person approaches you.

Another advantage of this feature that allows the user to set the sounds for multiple movement or distance. For example, if a person is six feet away, appl will alert you in a separate sound and if a person is more than six feet away, the sound will be different.

The most and important feature of this development is that it will be useful for those who have both visual and hearing impairments. A haptic pulse will help these people when any person gets closer its speeds go faster.

The features need a clear view to detect a person because a low light angle or at night it can’t work properly.

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