iPhone water-resistant scam | iPhone really waterproof?

iPhone water-resistant scam iPhone really waterproof

The iPhone is heavily marketed for its water-resistant mobile phones, although Apple has not set any specific limits and it is not even under the warranty of the mobile phone. Now, if someone’s mobile phone falls into the water and breaks down, it will not have a warranty claim, which is why Apple fears legal action in Italy. Because iPhone water-resistant scam is investigated by Italian authority and now it a clear that iPhone is not fully waterproof as advertised.

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The Italian Competition Authority has hinted at fines on all iPhone models since October 2017. The move comes after consumers complained that the company had not paid or claimed any damages.

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iPhone water-resistant scam

 The Reuters reports that according to the authority’s October ruling documents, Apple has twice violated the country’s laws. Conclude the statement by calling Apple’s advertising campaign a misleading and aggressive commercial method of violating the user code.

An investigation by the authority found that Apple had deceived its customers.

The authority’s report cites examples of several users who believed the iPhone’s claim and lost their mobile phone after a user took a “short dive” into the sea, but the company denied the claim. Refused Another user complained that he was just washing his mobile phone under the tap, which the company called improper usage and refused to resolve the complaint.

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Apple has until January to appeal the ruling.

Sources say Apple could lose half of its operating profits in the Italian market in 2018 over the legal breach.

iPhone fined Many Times

Two years ago, the authority fined Apple and Samsung 15 million dollars for slowing down older models. Also, France fined Apple 27 million dollars for slowing down mobile batteries.

Let’s see how Apple handles this issue. Whatever the end result, this investigation has revealed the reality of the water-resistant uniqueness of Apple phones on consumers.


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1 Comment

  1. Kamran Kazi

    November 30, 2020 at 11:13 PM

    What a totally fraud.. Apple should be highly fined ..

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