Top 10 searches in Pakistan 2020

Top 10 searches in Pakistan 2020 Google Trends Pakistan Google Trend 2020

At the end of the year, as every year, Google released a list of search trends for people in each country on its forum. Everyone in Pakistan is waiting for the moment what Pakistanis searched on Google for the whole year. This time Google has released the list for Pakistan for the first time in six different categories. We are briefly discussing here Top 10 searches in Pakistan 2020.

Google divides its list into top searches, people, events, movies and TV, gadgets, and coronaviruses.


According to a Google press release, there are trillions of searches in the world every year and all these searches are listed according to their trends.

This year it is a surprise for all of us that this time no Indian Bollywood star is included in the top searches of Google in Pakistan and all but two personalities in the top ten are Pakistani.

Cricket is one of the most sought after sports in Pakistan.

Let’s see the list released by Google.

Google Trends Pakistan | Trend 2020

#1. Pakistan England series

Since it was Pakistan’s first foreign cricket series during the Coronavirus, most of the content related to it was searched on Google.

#2. Coronavirus

This year, the coronavirus had gripped the entire world, so there was no doubt that the most sought after material would be found, but in Pakistan, it came second.

Corona Virus Google Trends Pakistan Trend 2020
Photo by Unsplash

#3. Pakistan Zimbabwe Series

For Pakistanis, the visit to Zimbabwe during the epidemic was no less than a victory. Zimbabwe visited Pakistan despite the sensitivity of the epidemic, so the search for it was ranked third.

#4. Google Classroom

The coronavirus shut down educational activities, but the world started online classes to continue its education. That’s why people kept searching for Google classrooms on Google, with Google classroom searches at number four.

Google Classroom Trend Google Trends Pakistan Trend 2020
Photo by Google

#5. US presidential election

The US presidential election is one of the most important topics in the world, but because of Google Trump’s policies, people are more interested in it this time. People in Pakistan are also interested in the US presidential election. This is the fifth topic in this year’s top search. Stayed at number

Trump Election USA Trend Google Trends Pakistan Trend 2020

#6. Pakistan Super League 2020

PSL also remained in the top searches on Google. Due to the coronavirus, it could not be completed in March this year. The remaining matches of the Pakistan Super League were held in November.

PSL Trend Google Trends Pakistan Trend 2020

#10. World meter |Trend 2020

The website, which releases statistics at number ten in the top ten, was the center of attention. Undoubtedly, the majority of people turned to this website to keep track of the daily coronavirus statistics.

If we compare the top ten searches, cricket related content topped the list.

Top 10 searches in Pakistan 2020

1) Pakistan vs England
2) Coronavirus
3) Zimbabwe vs Pakistan
4) Google Classroom
5) US Election 2020
6) PSL 2020
7) India vs New Zealand
8) England vs Australia
9) England vs West Indies
10) Worldometers



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