Electric Bike Riding Service in Pakistan


First time in Pakistan, an Electric Bike Riding Service has been introduced in Islamabad. This is the First Bike Sharing Service in Pakistan.

Electric Bike Riding Service was introduced to ensure the speedy conveyance of cheap transport in the country. The EZBike is a completely electric bike that is fast and easy to ride.

Islamabad-based startup Roomer Technologies launched this exclusive electric bike riding service.  Roomer Technologies collaborated with Jazz XLR8 to introduced a service named EZBike.

EZBike, an Electric Bike Riding Service

Electric Bike Riding Service in Pakistan

Primarily, the ‘EZBike‘ service has been started in Islamabad for the introductory period. It’s a pilot project of electric bike riding by EZBike in the country. After the successful trial period, EZBike expanded the operation in other cities of the country.

The next phase will be started in two major cities of Pakistan i.e in Karachi and Lahore. The service augurated by 14th October and further its trial have been started in the city.

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Aminul Haq the Federal Minister for Information and Technology (IT) and Telecom, Fawad Chaudhry the Minister for Science and Technology, and senior officials of the government technology division attended the inauguration ceremony.

EZBike, an Electric Bike Riding Service

The Government official briefed that launching EZBike start-up in Pakistan not only a part of digital Pakistan but also a key factor to provide cheap transportation to the people under clean energy policy.

How we use EZBike, Bike Sharing Service?

First of all, we must know that EZBike is the name of an electric bike riding service aka Bike Sharing Service, such as other online riding services in Pakistan like Bykea, Careem or Uber, etc.

The scooty design of the EZBike electric bike is not only easy to ride but also eco-friendly. In addition, It is an eco-friendly bike that saves high fuel consumption.

First Electric Buses in Pakistan

Multiple projects like EZBike have been operated in many countries of the world including. In India estimated more than 50000 bikes are providing such a low-cost and eco-friendly traveling facility.

Romer Technology is hoping that they will extend their fleet to two thousand in the next two years.

Pricing of EZBike Riding Service

EZBike will be charged based on time. Five rupees will be charged to use the EZBike. However, people will have the facility to move easily from one point to another by using the EZBike app. The EZBike app (Android App, iOS App) is just as simple as other online riding services apps.

Toyota Concept iRide Electric Car

However, the EZBike riding service has a distinction from other travel riding services in that you will have to ride an electric bike by yourself.

Currently, the EZBike sharing service app will be operational in specific areas of the city but in the future, it may be expanded in the whole city and all cities.


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