Coke Studio Pakistan Day Song Ao Ehad Karain

Coke Studio Pakistan Day Song Ao Ehad Karain

Coke Studio Pakistan Day Song Aao Ehad Karain Pakistan Anthem 2021

Cook Studios has released a new track on the occasion of Pakistan Day (March 23) which is full of patriotic melodies.

Coke Studio’s special anthem, ” Ao Ehad Karain”, has been viewed more than 93,000 times in just 15 hours.

The music video also shows Pakistan’s diverse culture, traditions, and historical sites.

Coke Studio Pakistan Day Song Aao Ehad Karain

Coke Studio Pakistan Day Song Aao Ehad Karain MP3 Download

To download this Coke Studio Song Aao Ehad Karain mp3, Click the below-mentioned links;

To download the MP3 of the Coke Studio Song Aao Ehad Karain, click on the above-mentioned link & copy the link “youtube.com/watch?v=HqdXjczs9_w” and paste it to the MP3 download box

Released in the voice of Cook Studio’s new talent, the video showed many beautiful scenes from the mountains to the sea, Mughal historical heritage, beautiful sunset views on the beach, and Minar Pakistan.

In this song, Young Stunners, Saadat Shafqat Amanat Ali, Zaw Ali, Ali Hamza, Nimrah Rafiq, Mehka Ali, Adnan Dhol, Haroon Shahid have awakened the magic of their voice.

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Besides, Sartal Academy, Nabiha Saleem, Saad Ahmed, Zahab Hussain, Rada Batool, Farwa Batool, Shamoon Bai, Kashif Din, and Vishnu Sagar are also part of this song.

Released on the occasion of Pakistan Day, Cook Studio’s special track has been produced by Ali Hamza.

Coke Studio thanks all supporters to record this video specially ISPR, PTV, Radio Pakistan, Film Producer Association of Pakistan, Zehra Nigah, Umnia Iftikhar.

This special track includes songs of ‘Watan Ki Mitti Gawah Rehna’, ‘Apni Quwat Apni Jaan Jaag Raha Hai Pakistan’, ‘Itnay Baray Jeevan Sagar  Mein’, ‘Allah Hu Akbar, Aye Mard-E-Mujahid’ and ‘Mera Inam Pakistan, Mera Paigham Pakistan’.

Multiple songs and their beautiful lyrics make this song more dulcet and tuneful.

This track from Cook Studios is very popular among music lovers.



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