Think Positive – by Muhammad Younus

If we think positive then we will act positively. Now if we think negative then we will unconsciously act negatively. Sometimes people are disappointed about his life because on a daily basis the man should face many problems and see ups and downs. Sometimes these problems are at its peak and man does not able to think about how to solve it. In this Situation, man thinks that he has only one that should face this situation and blame to people and God. 

We don’t realize that were we wrong and how these problems came to my life. Sometimes many people went through a big incident and a bad situation. These situations totally broke man’s potential. After this man should not able to stand and lives a happy life.

After some failures, we feel disappointed, depression, anxiety and Give up. After failures, we don’t have the courage or will to do something.

Success and failure

Success and failure are a part of Life. We don’t enjoy our Success until we face failures. Everyone can face Success and Failures on a daily basis. That’s not a matter you win or you lose ( fail ) but how you tackle the situation positive or negative this matters a lot. The winner only sees what he gain and Quitter sees pain.

Think Positive – by Muhammad Younus

When you focus on problems your problems will be increased but when you focus on solutions your problems will be solved.

  • Failures are a part of Success. 
  • Failures are the food of Success.
  • Success comes from failures.

In my opinion Success and Failure come in your life is just because of your thinking. If you control your mind then one day you will win or got big success. Now observe all the Successful people that had lived or still living in this world, then you will find that all the Success and achievements in their lives are just because of his thinking.

Allah says repeatedly in the Holy Qur’an why do you not meditate.

The Magic: Think Positive

Magic of thinking plays miracles in our lives. We are products of our thoughts, we behave and act we think. If we think positive then we will act positively. Now if we think negative then we will unconsciously act negatively. We will be unable to find ways to greatness. We will only see the blockages in our way. We only see the black dot on a white paper. We only focus on what we not have or what we can not Achieve. We will not be able to find opportunities if we think negative.

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  1. Muhammad ahmer khan

    November 29, 2019 at 12:42 PM

    MashaAllah you are doing well, keep it up.

  2. Muhammad ahmer khan

    February 26, 2020 at 8:10 PM

    MashaAllah you are doing well, keep it up.

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