Molty foam New Ad Mashaadi 2020 | MoltyFoam x Mashion

Molty foam New Ad Mashaadi 2020 | MoltyFoam x Mashion 2021

Master Molty foam is a brand in Pakistan that hardly anyone is unfamiliar with. When it comes to marriage or bringing new things into a new home, everything seems incomplete without a master Moltyfoam. Molty foam New Ad Mashaadi 2020 is out now by collaborating Mahira Khan brand MoltyFoam x Mashion 2021.

Master Moltyfoam has made a place in every home with its quality products and its charming advertising campaign. Molty foam always tries to hypnotize its audience with emotions, feelings, and cultural values.

The way emotions are portrayed in Master Moltyfoam commercials captivates everyone.

Many Moltyfoam ads permanently link people to their product, the most important of which is the Moltyfoam ad “Meri Nanhi Pari Naye Ghar ko Chali”. The Meri Nanhi Pari Advertising Campaign has been engaging people for many years.

“Meri Nanhi Pari

Naye Ghar ko Chali”

Molty foam medicated mattress

Master Molty foam made multiple products for home and business usage. If we talk about the mattress then Molty foam medicated mattress is a very demanding mattress in each size specially Molty foam queen size mattress.

If you are facing issues about how to select the best mattress for back pain then read our article where we discuss in detail essential tips for selecting the best mattress.

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Today we are going to talk about this year’s advertisement of Master Moltyfoam’s Mashaadi campaign.

In this year’s Mashaadi advertisement, we saw Mahira Khan like last year. The theme of this year’s ad is completely different from last year’s.

Molty foam New Ad Mashaadi 2020

Master Moltyfoam has not only introduced its product with the advertisement but also with this advertisement Moltyfoam has paid homage to all the mothers who support their children alone.

Only a mother can understand how difficult it is for a mother to take care of her children without her husband. Nice theme and words make this ad even more vibrant.

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Here below last year molty foam x Mashion 2019 tvc.

MoltyFoam x Mashion 2019

How you like the tvc 2020 tell us in comments below.



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