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Caltex Ad “Har Khuwab Hai Khaas” World Down Syndrome Day

Caltex Ad Har Khuwab Hai Khaas World Down Syndrome Day Caltex TVC

Caltex Ad Har Khuwab Hai Khaas World Down Syndrome Day Caltex TVC

Life is not about spending time, it is about living. Real-life is the name of living openly in every moment of life and living in it.

There are many people around us who may be deprived of many of life’s blessings. Our society is probably unaware of many such people or they do not have a proper understanding of how to train them.

Pakistani petroleum company Caltex has issued an advertisement to guide people on the issue and shared a public service message with the beautiful faces of our superstar’s child.

Caltex Ad Har Khuwab Hai Khaas

As the company shared its ad on social media, it became a top trend on Twitter.

World Down Syndrome Day TVC

Down syndrome is a genetic disease in which a baby is born with an extra chromosome.

Children with Down syndrome may have different mental or cognitive difficulties.

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The United Nations celebrates World Syndrome Day on March 21 each year for such special children.

On this day, people are guided by holding various public and private events all over the world.

Caltex Pakistan has given a strong message in its advertisement which is an example for other companies that such people are also part of us.

it is also worth sharing that a few weeks ago United Mobile also released a short ad in which they beautifully explain the love of Prophet MUHAMMAD PBUH and shared the concern of rising islamophobia in the west.

For hours, people were discussing the ad on social media and sharing the love for the ad and concept. Many hashtags were trending for hours with #HarKhuwabHaiKhaas, Caltex Pakistan, and #specialstars on Twitter’s top trending chart.

Caltex Pakistan Join Hands with Ujala Foundation to create awareness about syndrome disease.


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