10 Creative Habits of Mind to Keep Healthy Mind Healthy Body

10 Creative Habits of Mind to Keep Healthy Mind Healthy Body

10 Creative Habits of Mind to Keep Healthy Mind Healthy Body. These simple habits that help us to keep our brain sharp.

It would not be wrong to say that no matter how strong the body is if it is mentally weak, it is not possible to move forward in the world or imagine a bright future. But there is no magic pill available to increase mental capacity. Of course, some simple habits can do wonders.

some habits improve mental function and protect against mental decline with age. In addition, it also helping us to keep focus during a task.

10 Creative Habits of Mind

So, on the World Mental Health Day, learn about some of the great things that getting used to will not make you a superhero, but it will help keep you mentally young at all ages.

Use your brain

Yes, use it or face it, the more you use the brain, the faster it will work.

Healthy Mind Healthy Body
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People who are more active in dealing with mental challenges are also mentally sharp at all ages and a few things are helpful for this purpose such as reading, playing games (not too much), learning a new language, listening to lectures.

Use your senses

According to Duke University, an exercise called Neurobox is a challenge for the brain.

our 5 senses help us to exercise our mind, if you use your right hand more than left then try to use your left hand for some tasks.

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Choose a new route to your office or try to recognize food by taste with your eyes closed.

Physical exercise

Exercise, especially physical activity that speeds up the heartbeat, such as brisk walking or swimming, is also good for the mind.

10 Creative Habits of Mind
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Experts can’t say exactly why this happens, but physical activity increases the blood supply to the brain and improves the connection between brain cells.


Being physically active is also useful for skills such as memory, imagination, and planning.

Try to eat balanced food

To keep your brain young at all ages, choose foods that are good for the heart and protect against heartburn.

Middle-aged obesity doubles the risk of dementia in the years to come.

10 Creative Habits of Mind
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High cholesterol and high blood pressure also increase this risk. To stay healthy you should avoid fried foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat fish, and also prefer healthy fats such as nuts, seeds, and olives.

Get help with video games

Numerous research reports have found that video games stimulate the parts of the brain that control movement, memory, planning, and fine motor skills. Whether you enjoy a game of Big Buck Hunter or the simple Candy Crush Saga, spending some time playing video games can both help you relax and improve your cognitive skills to an extent!

Some experts say that games only improve mental capacity for gaming. But it is difficult to say something definitive. There is nothing wrong with trying, especially if the balance is maintained.

Listen Your favorite Music

Playing an instrument in childhood helps to think better in middle age.

Music improves brain function, especially memory and planning ability. The good news is that it can be used at any age.

Be Social and Make friends

If you are in the office, at home, or anywhere outside try to meet your nearest colleagues or loved ones because meeting the people and talking will sharp your mind.

Healthy Mind Healthy Body
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Research reports have shown that social activities help to sharpen the mind.

Learn to be calm

Too much stress damages the parts of the brain where existing cells work to store and analyze information.

few simple habits can be adopted to avoid this. Such as

  • deep breathing,
  • a hobby that makes you laugh
  • listening to music
  • meditation or yoga,
  • talking to someone.
  • good sleep

Get in the habit of getting enough sleep before and after learning something new.

When you are tired, it becomes difficult to focus on things. when you enjoy sleep after learning something, it helps the brain to organize new information so that it can remember it when needed.

Also good for a good night’s memory and mood. Adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, during which the brain cleanses itself and removes harmful substances.

Memory sharpening tools

As you grow older, it becomes harder to remember things as easily as you did in your youth.

This is a common part of aging, but it is possible to avoid certain habits such as writing things down, using calendar and reminder features in the phone, focusing on one task at a time, learning new things gradually.

An easy way to remember names

Having trouble remembering names? If so, keep repeating a person’s name while talking to him, if not loudly, then at least in your mind.

Similarly, adding a funny picture or metaphor to a name makes it easier to remember the name.

its all about 10 Creative Habits of Mind to Keep Healthy Mind Healthy Body. If you wanna add some thing please let us know by comments below.


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