Worlds Youngest ACCA from Pakistan Aqsa Majeed Memon of 18 Years

Worlds Youngest ACCA

In an age when students are trying to pass their intermediate or A-Levels, a young student from Sindh has achieved a greater feat of Worlds Youngest ACCA

18 years young Aqsa Majeed Memon has completed her Chartered Certified Accountant qualification from ACCA by securing the world’s youngest ACCA achievers qualification in the world.

Before Aqsa Majeed Memon as Worlds Youngest ACCA:

before Aqsa Majeed, a young guy from India named Ramkumar Raman had completed his certificates in just 18 years and eight months but Aqsa breaks his record by qualifying four months earlier.

Aqsa belongs to Sakrand Sindh expressed her views that this is result of family support especially her father who has a small businesses in the village.

Route to ACCA

Memon told The Express Tribune that being disheartened after witnessing the culture of using unfair means in examination in Sakrand she decided to move to Karachi in 2014 to pursue further studies after matriculation.

Normally students enroll intermediate program after matriculation Aqsa decided to pursue her career in ACCA. She enrolled in which system where the paper is prepared internationally and also checked from the international examiner. Living with her family in a single-room apartment, she started her education journey to attain ACCA certification. After one year her parents moved to Karachi to encourage her.

Having just matriculation background Aqsa had to clear seven foundation courses of ACCA. She cleared all these in just nine months. After this instead of 14 subjects, she had to pass 11 subjects to achieve ACCA certification as due to the foundation course she was exempted from three courses. Without failing or delaying once in any subject, she cleared all these within two years.


“Aqsa said that it was challenge for her but i was committed to achieve,

so i was studying five hoursa daily and 14 hours during exams.

Future plans of Worlds Youngest ACCA

Her future plan is to get enrolled for the qualification of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. The normally 21 courses required for CA out of which Aqsa will get exemption in seven courses on the basis of ACCA qualification.

According to Aqsa Memon, if you want to achieve something extraordinary then you have to work tirelessly and especially you will have to believe in yourself. My advice for young fellows is to study as much as they can because it is the only way to prove their mettle.

“I am really proud of my daughter’s achievement,” says Memon’s father, Abdul Majeed Memon. “I sacrificed my business for my children’s education by shifting to Karachi. I can go up to any extent for their higher studies.”



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