Twitter Redesign 2021 | Twitter New Font Chirp Introduced

Twitter Redesign 2021 | Twitter New Font Chirp Introduced

If you see any changes in user experience and design of social networking site Twitter but doesn’t understand the change, then this is not a trick for you. In fact, on August 11, Twitter Redesign 2021 and Twitter New Font Chirp introduced for its website.

Twitter Redesign 2021: Less Clutter?

According to the company, the new design includes a new font, high contrast colors, as well as improved eyesight.

The company added that the changes are aimed at making scrolling easier for people.

“This may sound weird at first, but these updates will make us more accessible, unique, and help you focus more on what you’re talking about,” said a tweet from Twitter Design.

The number of features on websites by social networks is constantly increasing, such as live video, shopping, and others, which makes it difficult for some people to navigate these sites.

So it’s not surprising that companies like Twitter try to make sites cleaner.

Twitter New Font Chirp Introduced

According to Twitter, for the first time, he has created his unique font, which has been named ‘Chirp’.

Previously Default Twitter font was SF Pro, Roboto, and Helvetica Neo as typewriters on the social media network.

Left-Aligned Western Language Texts

Twitter added that all Western language text will be left-aligned, a change that will make it easier for users to read text while scrolling through the site.

Some Twitter users did not like the change and called the new font ‘ugly’.

New Twitter Update 2021

Contrast has also been increased in the colors of the site by reducing the blue to make the photos and videos more prominent.

Similarly, the gray background has been reduced and the space has been increased to make the text easier to read.


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1 Comment

  1. Salma

    August 14, 2021 at 11:10 PM

    Good update by Twitter.

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