Top 25 Fun Facts that will change Your Mindset – Check it out!

Top 25 Fun Facts

Hey readers, You are here because you are bored of something and looking for some cool stuff and interesting fun facts. Here is Top 25 Fun Facts which will change your current mood and offcourse your mindset. Look out below;


“Facebook Addiction Disorder” is a mental disorder identified by Psychologists


Bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun


During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.


in 2015, more people were killed from injuries caused by taking a selfie than by shark attacks.


Heart attacks are more likely to happen on a Monday.


Facebook, Skype and Twitter are all banned in China.


Arab women can initiate a divorce if their husbands don’t pour coffee for them.


The Titanic was the first ship to use the SOS signal.


Nearly three percent of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine.


A lion’s roar can be heard from 5 miles away!


A sheep, a duck and a rooster were the first passengers in a hot air balloon.


The Twitter bird actually has a name – Larry.


The average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime.


An apple, potato, and onion all taste the same if you eat them with your nose plugged.

One of the Most Popular in Top 25 Fun Facts


The first alarm clock could only ring at 4am.

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