Solidarity Gesture with Al-Noor Mosques New Zealand by Pakistan

Pakistan Shows the Solidarity Gesture with Al-Noor Mosques New Zealand

Pakistanis once again made history today. To spread the true message of Islam, that is, “Islam is peace,” more than twenty thousand people from across the country came together to shape themselves as a mosque at the Shrine of Hazrat SultanBahoo, Pakistan. The Solidarity Gesture with Al-Noor Mosques of New Zealand by People of Pakistan.

People shaped themselves as Al-Noor Mosque Christchurch, NewZealand to pay homage to the victims of the last month’s terrorist attacks in Christchurch New Zealand. The solidarity event for martyrs of Christchurch incident was organized by MUSLIM Institute, a research based think-tank.

The event formally began by recitation of Holy Quran. While addressing the participants, Chairman MUSLIM Institute Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali said that

The event is organized in solidarity with the martyrs of Christchurch to mark one month since the horrific tragedy took place.

Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali

Through this peaceful expression of solidarity, people have given a strong message to the whole world that Islam is religion of peace. He further stated that such peaceful and huge expressions has indeed proves the narrative of Muslims maintaining their peaceful society and cooperation among civilizations despite the rise of extreme tendencies in different parts of the world.

Solidarity Gesture with Al-Noor Mosques

Pakistan Shows the Solidarity Gesture with Al-Noor Mosques New Zealand

Participants of the event spoke in one voice and presented the Darood to Holy Prophet S.A.W.W They also chanted the slogan #IslamIsPeace continuously for two minutes. Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali also commended the response by the people as well as the Prime Minister of New Zealand following the Christchurch tragedy.

Collective Fatiha was also prayed for the martyrs of the Christchurch incident at the conclusion of the event.

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