Snack Video Edhi Ramzan Campaign Raises PKR 20 Million in Donation

Snack Video Edhi Ramzan Campaign Raises PKR 20 Million in Donation

Snack Video Edhi Ramzan Campaign Raises PKR 20 Million in Donation

During this Ramadan, SnackVideo joined hands with the Edhi Foundation for celebration and help, bringing forward an surprising Eid experience for the people of Pakistan and raising PKR 20,000,000 in donations for those in need.

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The donation funds raised by SnackVideo have been invested in two areas by the Edhi Foundation: The building and completion of school buildings; and hospital upgrading for the core services.

Snack Video Edhi Ramzan Campaign

The #EidwithEdhi campaign has received over 5 million page views and over 2 million participated videos, and a total of 233,551 users have been awarded donation certificates by the Edhi Foundation.

Each day during the holy month, nearly 20,000 users actively participated in the campaign and uploaded their original videos using the hashtag, which accounted for over 8% of users of the whole platform.

While the COVID-19 pandemic results in a growing number of people spending fasting and Eid at home, or even struggling in poverty and disease, social media platforms like SnackVideo can be really helpful in conveying distanced love and supporting people nationwide with gathered power.

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The collaboration between SnackVideo and Edhi Foundation this year showcased the significant impact of digital media, and it has been picked up by several mainstream media outlets.


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