Say No To Valentines Day by Careem NOTVALENTINES Promo Special

Careem always trying to introduce new to new things to attract their customers by different unique way. By The Islambad High Court and Notification of Pemra All activities of promoting Valentines day is banned but Careem announced its special day offer Careem NOTVALENTINES with NoPromo no code No Love words to chill with their customer. Before this careem was also introduced Careem Rishta Aunty Service that was very popular among careem community and people were reacting in funny views not only people that was a time when brands also join this war to express their views about Rishta Aunty service. now lets see how people reacts about this.

Say No To Valentines Day by Careem NOTVALENTINES Promo Special

This official Statement announced by Careem on its social hande.

Keeping in accordance with strict government policies, Careem will not be celebrating Valentines day.

You must not use our promo: NOTVALENTINES to win a special gift basket for you, & your Captain. This promo code is not meant to be used on 14th February in any part of the country.

We repeat, do not use the promo NOTVALENTINES

Winners will not be announced on 17th Feb.

We sincerely hope you understand.

With no love,
Careem </3

Careem NOTVALENTINES Promo Picture:

Say No To Valentines Day by Careem NOTVALENTINES Promo Special

Lets wait and see How people react about careem NOTVALENTINES announcement and authenticity of this offer either its a valid special day offer or just careem kidding with their customers but initial announcement reaction people is not good and unhappy about this.

Careem Rishta Aunty Started Funny Brand War

Before 14th Feb this announcement is master stroke of social media where every one thinkimg about that no promo or nothing amazing things to discuss but now people will discuss about careem announcement. We are just waiting of people funny reactions on this and we will share about that and if you have any thing to share then feel free to share with us by commenting this post.

Image Courtesy: Careem

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