Lets Part of PakistanZindabad Movement to Promote Pakistan on Social Media

PakistanZindabad Movement by Shoaib Malik to Promote Pakistan on Web

PakistanZindabad Movement by Shoaib Malik to Promote Pakistan on Web. Lets do our part in showing the world the side of Pakistan we all love, cherish and share every day. We are Pakistan’s ambassador – to the people around, or on social media, print, or where ever we have influence, how ever far our voices reach. Influence and reach are powers that must be used responsibly.

“…social media se perheyz he karunga, bohot hate hai logo mei…” said fellow cricketer

whose performance was top stuff throughout the Champions Trophy. I have seen trends and posts praising him like no tomorrow, all the rest of the media platforms included. “I’m enjoying all the love, for now, but not going to get used to it.” he said. That’s a pretty solid reality to argue against, so I didn’t. But the thought bothered me.

So here’s an idea; what if  we all tweet once per day on something great about Pakistan, it could be a picture, or a quote, a moment, about history, achievements, records, a fact, anything that we love our country more for – using #PakistanZindabad – for at least 40 days. Why 40? the current record for the longest trend is 39 days smith hours.

Let’s give the best gift we can give to Pakistan as we celebrate the 70th Independence Day this year – as our Duas for Her – as the longest trend ever, in history.

#PakistanZindabad is a movement to share the Pakistan we love with the world. Starting: 2017, August 1st at 19:47 – target is continue till September 10th.

Notes: Let’s make sure we are all using one hashtag which is #PakistanZindabad (spelled: Pakistan Zindabad * one a in bad not two)

All of you suggested that we should have themes for each day so we can all focus. This will also make all of us explore more beauty in our country too. To me #PakistanZindabad is a digital movement to share with the world what we love about Pakistan, in our own way.

PakistanZindabad Movement Topics list:

August 1. Our food
August 2. Our cities & provinces
August 3. How we dress
August 4. The Pakistani selfie
August 5. Pakistan’s natural beauty
August 6. Discover Pakistan day: records/science/tech/academics
August 7. History and facts about Pakistan
August 8. Pakistan’s fashion
August 9. Our Defence
August 10. Our literature
August 11. Pakistan invites: invite your favourite personality abroad to visit Pakistan
August 12. Pakistan media
August 13. Pakistani music
August 14. Pakistani women (achievements/heroes: local or nationals/humans of Pakistan)
August 15. Pakistani men (achievements/heroes: local or nationals/humans of Pakistan)
August 16. The beauty of the north Pakistan
August 17. Pakistani art & crafts
August 18. Me, Pakistan, & my chai selfie or moment
August 19. Pakistani film and dramas
August 20. Animals of Pakistan

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PakistanZindabad Movement A campaign by cricketer Shoaib Malik to promote Pakistan talent Cities events all about Positive Pakistan Lets check the Tweets and News about it.

PakistanZindabad Movement by Shoaib Malik to Promote Pakistan on Web


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