International Wrestler in Pakistan 25 Wrestler List of PAK WWE Wrestling

international wrestler in pakistan

PAK WWE Wrestlers List. International wrestler in Pakistan Here is Short profile of National and International wrestler :

Melissa Elizabeth Santos is a professional wrestler, model, and actress, best known for her current role as the ring announcer.

PAK WWE Wrestlers 25 Wrestler List of PWE Event at KHI, LHR, ISB

Bad boy Omen is on his way to PWE. Says he would love to perform in Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad!

international wrestler in pakistan

Revealing our PWE Wrestler #TinyIron ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’.
Tiny was crowned Britain’s biggest biceps by Americas very own ‘Ripley Believe It Or Not’ that had taken place in London -2010. PAK WWE Wrestlers

international wrestler in pakistan

Just as his name says it, he’s the king of Pakistani  Wrestling. Presenting to you, the highly coveted, Badshah Pehlwan Khan, coming to you this May!

international wrestler in pakistan

Must Read it : Details of First ever Live Wrestling Show in Pakistan

PAK WWE Wrestlers. The Most awaited Wrestler of PWE Wade Barret. 5 Times WWE Intercontinental Championship and King Of The Ring (WWE 2015). Who is desperate to see him live?

international wrestler in pakistan

Revealing our PWE Wrestler Tango Timm ‘Signature Moves T-Bone Suplex’.
Tango Timm has wrestled all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

international wrestler in pakistan

European champion 2016, LDN Capital wrestling champion and 2 times BPW Tag Team champion Aaron Rammy is going to be the part of PWE this May. PAK WWE Wrestlers

international wrestler in pakistan

One time WNC and 2 times EWE Championship holder Bernad Vandamme is going to perform at PWE this May.

international wrestler in pakistan

Introducing our First Female PWE Wrestler Betty Trash.

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international wrestler in pakistan


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