OPPO Trustworthy Services to Support Oppo Phones Less Worries, More Trust

OPPO Trustworthy Services to Support Oppo Phones

Have you ever been unsatisfied with these problems? Have no idea of which model seamlessly meets your needs? Afraid of being charged unreasonably when replacing spare parts? Or worry about secrecy safety when repairing? Now with the trustworthy services OPPO is offering, you can get the problem fixed immediately.

OPPO Trustworthy Services to Support Oppo Phones

For travelers

International Warranty Service: OPPO has taken the lead to launch IWS and for selected devices, you can enjoy warranty, repair, and software upgrade services at official service centers over 59 countries/regions.

Self-service within your reach

Service Hotline: When you forget how to set the desktop design, adjust screen-off gestures, or want to know more information about new products, you can find the answer via the service hotline.

Website FAQs:In the FAQs on the webpage, the queries you may care about or recent hot issues can be found out.

Service E-mail: If you have any recommendations or questions, feel free to send an email to the OPPO mailbox.

Care you care in the process of repair

Original Spare Parts:Only the original spare parts are used for repairing at OPPO service centers.

Price transparency: The prices of spare parts are exhibited on the official website and the service centers.

Face to face Repair:To ease your concerns, you can take to sit in front of the repair engineer and watch the entire repair process at the advanced service centers.

Information Security:OPPO firmly abides by the General Data Protection Regulation to guard users’ privacy.

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For your daily use

Power Project:Enjoy free mobile charging service at any OPPO service center.

Free Protective Film:Free mobile phone protective film several times each year.

A warm notice is that accessible services vary from region to region, please consult the local service center for detailed services.

We care for Our Family!

Given the current condition of COVID and with the daily rise of cases, OPPO has taken steps to look after the security of its staff and users. OPPO has recently launched a new initiative under which outstanding quality masks are given for free every time an OPPO user enters the store. OPPO cares for your safety and being the top brand that focuses on quality, OPPO has also mainly focused on professionally training their staff on maintaining strict SOPs. With these steps, OPPO promises to form a safer and better atmosphere.

One of the customers said “I am glad OPPO takes such initiatives that emphasize creating a safe communal for its users. Being a top smart device brand, which offers quality goods is one thing but being a socially responsible brand simultaneously is another and it is safe to say that OPPO has outdone itself in both areas. No doubt, it is a great step taken by OPPO. When I asked why they have to take such safety actions their reply simply was; We care for our family.”

OPPO support aims to ease users’ troubles and meet the increasingly diverse needs of users on the whole experience process. OPPO will uphold the core faith of “care you care, within your reach” and constantly upgrade the services it provides.


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