Top Best Trusted Online Qurbani 2022 Service in Pakistan

Online Qurbani 2022 Service

In 2022 when each and every basic need of life can be purchased or sold through online platforms then why can’t Qurbani. This thing looks strange but it’s becoming normal to perform religious duty in a simple way. We daily buy groceries, book an appointment in any hospital, booked a ticket for Bus, Railway, or airplane, call to mechanic/labor, or get food so why can’t we try Online Qurbani 2022 Service. this year. This is the era of the pandemic when everywhere people are fear and trying to go outside in crowdy areas, especially when animals are also suffering from Lumpy Skin Disease.

So, the better idea for this year is online Services. Where many service providers give your doorstep services. Here below we discuss the Top Online Qurbani Service providers and their Online Qurbani Prices 2022.

Note: Please note that we are not referring you to a specific service provider but are sharing the details of the current Qurbani Service Provider 2022. Also, these are not performance rankings, all the service providers are ordered by names alphabetically.

Top Best Trusted Online Qurbani 2022 Service in Pakistan

  1. Fresh One Qurbani 2022.
  2. HBL Roshan Qurbani
  3. Meat One Qurbani Service
  4. Metro Online Qurbani Booking Service 2022
  5. Online Qurbani by ARY Sahulat Bazar.
  6. Qurbani Asaan by Meat Dukan
  7. Qurbani Hissa Online via Daraz Pakistan
  8. Qurbani online – Airlift Express
  9. Qurbani Special Offers Carrefour Pakistan
  10. Roshan Apni Qurbani by Meezan bank
  11. Zenith Meat Qurbani 2022

DONATE Your Online Qurbani 2022

  1. Al Khidmat Qurbani Service
  2. Al Mustafa Welfare Trust
  4. Asan Online Qurbani 2022 Sarim Burney Trust 
  5. Baitussalam welfare trust Qurbani 2022
  6. Chhipa Ijtamai Qurbani 2022
  7. Dawate islami Online Qurbani Service
  8. Eidhi Online Qurbani Service
  9. Islamic Relief Organization Worldwide
  10. JDC Foundation Qurbani 2022
  11. Khawaja Ghareeb Nawaz Welfare Trust Qurbani Service 2022
  12. Muslim Hands
  13. Offer your Qurbani with IKCA – Imran Khan Cancer Appeal
  14. Pakistan Qurbani Programme  – Muslim Aid
  15. Qurbani – Ehsaas
  16. Qurbani by Sahara For Life Trust
  17. Qurbani Organized By Jamia Binoria
  18. Qurbani Pakistan 2022 by iHuman Foundation
  19. Qurbani with – Minhaj Welfare Foundation
  20. Rizq Qurbani – Eid Ki Qurbani Rizq Ke Sath
  21. Saylani Welfare Trust Qurbani Service
  22. Shaukat Khanum Online Qurbani
  23. Shifa Foundation Online Qurbani
  24. WAQF Ijtamai Qurbani – 2022 – Meezan Bank

If you want to see the details of each service provider see their official websites and social handles. We will try to publish in details service reviews and price comparisons of each Trusted Online Qurbani 2022 Service Provider in Pakistan


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