Application Open for Nutribiz Innovation Challenge 2021

Nutribiz Innovation Challenge 2021 Application

Nutribiz Innovation Challenge 2021!

This initiative is organized by the NIC in collaboration with the UN World Food Programme (WFP), Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), and Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN). The focus of Nutribiz 2021 is on improving the capability and productivity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) working in the food industry. If you are a Startup or SME working in one or more of the thematic areas listed below, then apply now to join the challenge!

Nutribiz Innovation Challenge 2021

  • Product Innovation
  • Market Connectivity
  • Minimizing Food Waste
  • Cutting Edge Farming Tech
  • Food Safety
  • Promoting a Healthy Diet through Education
  • Supply Chain Management; especially during a pandemic


Supply Chain Management; especially during a Pandemic:

  • How can supply chains be made more flexible to respond to disruptions likely to occur during the pandemic?
  • How can protective measures for safety and hygiene be ensured at different stages of the supply chain, to minimize the spread of the coronavirus (and other pandemics)?
  • How can technology be used to develop global food systems which are sustainable, circular, and inclusive for smallholder farmers in Pakistan?
  • How can SMEs contribute at various stages of the supply chain to cater to changing consumer demand during pandemic times?
  • How can logistical efficiency be improved, particularly for perishable goods, to avoid disruptions in the supply of staple and high-value goods during the pandemic?

Product Innovation:

How to create new innovative food products to meet the needs of various segments of the population including but not limited to highly nutritious weaning foods for babies, and special foods for people suffering from various diseases?

How to redesign and reformulate products to make them healthier and nutritious, and lower the burden of NCDs? This includes fortification to add missing nutrients in commonly consumed foods, and repackaging to preserve sensory quality and improve the shelf life of food.

How to encourage local production and marketing of nutritious food supplements.

Market Connectivity:

How to leverage technology to improve access to safe and nutritious food?

How can technological interventions encourage healthy eating by reducing educational, behavioral, and economic barriers to accessing healthy local and global food?

Minimizing Food Wastage:

How can modern technologies be used to:

Track, monitor, and calculate the impact of food waste in commercial kitchens

Provide access to leftover food from restaurants, and events, to the food insecure community

Allow fast selling of near-expiry products by retailers

Regulate food temperature during transportation and use other techniques to minimize food wastage in the supply chain

Cutting Edge Farm Technologies:

How can agricultural food systems bring about innovation in crop varieties, use of chemical inputs, cultivation methods, harvesting equipment, and storage facilities, to ensure sustainable and efficient production of nutritious food?

Food Safety:

How can modern practices for packaging, application of antimicrobials, pasteurization, high-pressure processing, and others, be used to reduce contamination levels and generally improve food quality and safety?

Promoting a Healthy Diet through Education:

  • How can technology be used to influence eating habits and revolutionize food consumption?
  • What programs can be designed to promote nutrition education for various segments of society?
  • How can healthy eating at work, be encouraged and promoted?

The winner of the Grand Finale will get to attend a Global Grand Finale. In addition, the top three winners will get cash prizes, and all 10 finalists will gain access to mentorship, secure office hours with interested investors to explore the possibility of investment and partnership.

Last Date to Apply: 30th May 2021.

You can Apply by filling this Form.


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