All-Karachi Inter-Varsity Competition 2017 Organized by University of Karachi

The University of Karachi is organizing an All Karachi Inter Varsity Competition to mark the Independence Day Celebration.

Date of Competitions

Three categories of competitions will be held on 7th, 8th and 9th  of August 2017 at University of Karachi.

Categories of All Karachi Inter Varsity Competition

Category 1: Debate / Speech Competition (English & Urdu)

Category 2: Quiz Competition

Category 3: National Song Competition

The initial rounds of competitions will be held on 7th  and 8th  of August. The final round will be held on 9th of August 2017. Vice Chancellors of participating Universities are likely to grace the event.

Nomination Requirements:

  • 02 Students for Debate Competition (1 for English and 1 for Urdu).
  • Team of 02 Students for Quiz Competition
  • Team of 03 Students for National Song Competition

Nomination Process:

Nominations should reach the office of the Syed Asim Ali – Student Advisor, University of Karachi on or before 2nd August, 2017. Only internally shortlisted students will represent University of Karachi in the competition.

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Letter for All Karachi Inter Varsity Competition 2017

Karachi Inter Varsity Competition

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