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Instagram for Kids – Facebook’s New App for Children under 13

Instagram for Kids - Facebook's New App for Children under 13 Launching

As everyone knows, you must be at least 13 years old to create a Facebook or other social media account. But that is about to change, as children under the age of 13 will be able to use Facebook-owned Instagram. Instagram for Kids – Facebook’s New App for Children under 13 launching soon.

Instagram for Kids App underway

Adam Mosseri, head of the app Instagram, confirmed the news and said that work is underway to develop new Instagram apps that will be exclusively for young children under 13 years.

“We know a lot of kids under the age of 13 who want to use Facebook or Instagram will soon be able to use the new version,”

added Adam, head of the app Instagram.

So far there is no plan or mechanism on social media in which children can also use social media. Facebook has come up with a solution to this problem by creating a special version that is controlled by the parents.

According to Adam, this is one of the things we’ve been looking for for a long time.

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It is also worth noting that currently, according to Instagram’s policy, children under the age of 12 cannot use the platform.

Facebook’s New App for Children under 13

A Facebook spokesperson responded in an email to the international website The Verge that “a growing number of children are asking their parents if they can join apps to stay in touch with their friends.”

It will be just like Facebook has enabled Messenger Kids on its messenger platform. It is said to be usable for children and is controlled by the parents.

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According to a Facebook spokesperson, they are working on bringing a parent-controlled experience to Instagram so that the children can stay in touch with their friends, thus helping them find new hobbies and interests.

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