Healthy Food for Kids that will Make Your Child Stronger & Sharper


Are you worried about your child getting thinner with each passing day? Or them growing a little tummy? Does your child’s low activity scare you? Are you worried about them being hooked to junk? All your worries are justified and I have one solution to all of them, THE PLATE! Know the Healthy Food for Kids and make your child sharper and stronger.

All The Food That Will Make Your Child’s Plate Healthy

First, you need to realize that sometimes parents overestimate their children’s issues. Them not playing might be just a mood fluctuation, and them being hooked to junk can just be because of the good taste. In this article, we are listing the best Healthy Food for Kids that will Make Your Child Stronger & Sharper.

Not everything is a health concern but even these seemingly harmless concerns can become health concerns if not treated in time. There is nothing stronger than a mother’s instinct, if you genuinely feel that there is something wrong with your child and are unable to point the exact cause, look no further than their plate.

Their plate filled with a cheeseburger with a side of fries, which you think will bring them a little chub on their cheeks, brings nothing but grease and several health risks.

Childhood nutrition is a concept unknown to many. When a baby is born, its food and nutrition, hygiene, and health, everything is taken care of.

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The same baby when grows up into a child is often gifted baskets full of candies and plates full of junk, just because these things come in colorful and fun packaging. If you think that you are doing your child any good you are not. Good nutrition doing childhood is as important as in any other stage of life.

Good nutrition holds an eminent spot in maintaining a child’s health. In this very delicate and growing age, they need enough nutrients to support their growth and daily functioning.

Every nutrient plays an essential role in their development and a deficiency of any nutrient can lead to lifelong health complications.

Whatever is healthy for you is more often than not healthy for your child too. But the servings will obviously vary depending upon their requirements.

Healthy Food for Kids

Check it out the Best Healthy Food for Kids.

Whole Grains

Healthy Food for Kids that will Make Your Child Stronger & Sharper

Whole grains are something children tend to avoid the most. They would always prefer a sugary chocolaty cereal over a healthy whole grain one. But you don’t always have to give them what they like, the art is to give them what is good for them and yet satisfy their tastebuds.

Simple things like making them a whole grain pizza, buying them whole-grain cereals, and serving them whole-grain bread can make a tremendous difference. Easy sugars are not as bad for children as for adults, but they still can disturb their gut health and their hormonal balance, especially when they are nearing puberty.


Healthy Food for Kids that will Make Your Child Stronger & Sharper

These yummy sweet delights can be your child’s best friend. Be it in a dessert or as it is, fruits provide all essential vitamins and minerals and are often liked by children. Fruits are the easiest to play with, they can be cut into fun shapes, added into milkshakes, and topped on their favorite dessert.

If you think, you are giving your child enough fruit through canned fruit juices, you are wrong. Those are just a form of packaged sugars.

The Best Healthy Food for Kids

Fruits contain several essential nutrients all of which are essential for proper cognitive and physical growth. Your child should eat no less than 2 servings of fruits each day. Each serving accounts for one whole medium-sized fruit like orange or banana.


Vegetables are notorious among the children’s community. But they are not the only ones wrong here. If you will give them the same old eggplant with bland white rice they are likely to reject it. But their disliking should not come in the way of them getting optimum nutrition through vegetables.

Try to come up with new ways to make your child eat at least 3-4 servings of vegetables each day. Add them into their tangy salad bowl or garnish their chicken roast with them. Carrots cut in floral shapes with cucumber stems can be a fun lunch idea too.


Well, this one needs no further assertion. Milk is one food that is most associated with children’s health, and rightfully so. Milk and its by-products are loaded with calcium and other essential nutrients. Calcium plays a major role in strengthening bones. In the growing age, bones increase in size and density, for that children need to take enough milk to give their bones all the required nutrients.

Keep in mind that “the more the better” does not apply to milk consumption in children. Milk is rich in fat, proteins, and carbohydrates so the excess of it can easily lead to weight gain. Make sure that your child drinks no more or less than 2-3 cups of dairy each day. The next time you make your child a feeder just to silence them, don’t. Also, try to control the excessive consumption of cheese in your children.


Let your child have a party. In fact, do give your child a party, a party with chicken wings and beef stew. Proteins are essential to maintain muscle health and growth. Proteins are important in the formation of all structures in your body, making them crucial in the growing age. Your best bet is to serve your child with lean meat like fish and poultry. Try to maintain a balance between the kinds of proteins you are giving to your child, from pulses to beef, chicken, and mutton everything should become a part of their plate, now and then.

The Next Step

All of this might seem easy to you but when it comes to children nothing is easy. They test your patience and limits. For children not ready to give in anytime soon you will need professional help. Also, there are children with special needs nutritional needs and your child might be one of them, for that you will have to consult the best nutritionists in Lahore, or the best dietitian in Karachi through


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